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FAQ and Chat
« Reply #40 on: 14/01/19, 20:41 »
Hello I wonder if you could advise me as to whether it's best to have a bleed before starting double donation treatment ? I'm 53 and currently on HRT patches to treat menopausal symptoms, I do introduce the progesterone patch the last 14 days of the month but I do not always have a bleed.

If I started treatment medication (Progynova ) and I hadn't had a bleed that month I worry I would be starting on an old lining that hadn't shed!  I know lots of ladies on here take the pill so they are guaranteed a bleed before they start treatment but at 53  years of age I don't think my GP would be happy for me to do this.... I have heard there are HRT tablets Cyclo Progynova ... Would you recommend these ?

Many thanks


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    FAQ and Chat
    « Reply #41 on: 1/02/19, 10:32 »
    Dear Kitten106,

    Thank you for contacting us. Women in menopause should start pretreatment that includes 2 cycles before the transfer cycle.
    HRT with cycloprogynova is absolutely fine. In Greece, we don't treat women over 50.

    We hope that helps.
    All the best,


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    FAQ and Chat
    « Reply #42 on: 9/09/19, 15:00 »
    Dear Embryolab

    I'm wondering if you can advise what changes your clinic would make to my protocol?

    I am 33 years old and 12 months ago I had fertility tests (results: good amh, very good egg reserve,both fallopian tubes clear). I commenced 6 cycles of IUI. No pregnancy resulted from any of these.

    I started a cycle of IVF in July. I down regulated using Buserelin for 3 weeks then started 225IU Meriofert. At my 7 day stimulation scan I had 8 follicles ( 15mm, 14mm, 14mm, 13mm, 13mm, 12mm, 11mm, 8mm) on day 10 these follicles had grown, most were 17-21mm. Womb lining was 10.1mm. Gonasi 10000IU was used as trigger shot on the evening of day 10.

    8 eggs were collected and 5 fertilised by IVF using donor sperm (30 MOT). The 5 embryos became blastocysts and I have had one 4BA transferred.  The other blastocysts were not frozen as they were not high enough in quality. 

    I have no health issues, take no other medication and my BMI is 21. I had been taking 400mg Jarrow Formulas ubiquinol for 3 months prior to egg collection and a prenatal supplement. I also changed my diet to a higher protein diet.

    Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    FAQ and Chat
    « Reply #43 on: 18/01/20, 08:51 »
    Hi Embryolab
    Do you treat single woman? What is the price for an Ivf cycle with donor sperm?