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Love_Awaits' Birth Story
« on: 12/01/15, 15:48 »
It's been 5 months now since S was born. I still couldn't get over her birth. Not that it is traumatising. It is just one big drama! It started... 4 days before she was born.

Monday 28th July. (39w+5)
The first time I had contractions was at 37w. I had endured it for an hour before I called the birth centre. Midwife advised me to sit in the bath, take paracetamol or use the TENS machine. Contractions were 52secs, 4mins apart. This went on for 6hrs. After which I fell asleep and it was gone. I had an appointment with the midwife the next day and she said I am on the early phases of labour and it may take a few days to a few weeks. I was disappointed. Even felt cheated!

On the 28th, I couldn't sleep as S was very jerky. She has been quite chilled out the past few days and I believe it was because it was getting less roomy in there and all she could do was wiggle her bum from one side to the other. But that night, she was just all over the place. She was also causing me a lot of pain when she push her head down to my cervix. We decided to come in to the birth centre to be assessed. Midwife checked me out and I started having contractions again but they were quite spaced out and random. She did an internal and found that I was 2cm dilated and offered a membrane sweep. I was quite keen to get labour started and accepted it. Little did I know that a membrane sweep is so painful! I actually left the room wanting an epidural for the birth itself! That night passed and at midnight I was having really bad contractions. I texted Sarah my preggy friend and she said she's got some strong sensations too but it's different from her first labour so she's not sure.

Tuesday 29th July (39w+6)
Woke up with some light fresh bleeding. Woke DH up. He got ready and started pottering around. This was actually the first time I saw him in some kind of panic. We had to go back to the hospital to be assessed. Texted Sarah to tell her we are going back to the hospital and she texted me a picture of her newborn! In the 4hrs I fell asleep after all the contractions I had, it was her who popped a baby!
In the hospital, the doctors were not sure if i had a 'show' or I was bleeding. Whatever it was, they said I'm not going home. So I was admitted to antenatal ward just for observation overnight.

Wednesday 30th July (40w! EDD!!)
12mn-in the ward just before falling asleep, I started getting contractions lasting for about 1min or more, 5mins apart. I called for the midwife and told her that these felt different. They feel like I am constipated and needed a poop. She placed me on the CTG and monitored for about 30mins and said she will call the birth centre to see if I can be transferred but needed to do an internal. Internal let me down. Still 2cm dilated and cervix was posterior-meant I'm not ready. So she ran be a bath and I soak there while tearfully wished DH was there with me. I felt like some hostage! I had some sleep.

9am ward rounds. Dr told me to walk about to bring on labour as she heard I had more contractions the night before. Dr N came, she is my lovely personal doctor who was involved in my first and this pregnancy. She told me because I had more contractions, she's going to do another sweep. I looked at her and pleaded that I do not want any more sweep. She said ok but let her do an examination just to see if I was progressing. She did an examination and asked the MW if there's any room in Birth Centre. It didn't click to me! She then said I am 4cm dilated, fully effaced and she said we are having this baby today! I almost burst into tears of happiness. But i wasn't having any contractions. So from antenatal ward I was transferred to Labour Ward where I was going to have a lovely natural pool birth. She said she could break my waters but she wants me to experience a natural labour myself. So she left it as it is.

3pm-Down graded to 3cm! And sent home from labour ward! Contractions stopped every time the midwife stared at my face! In fact contractions stopped completely! Adrenaline really sucks!

9pm-at home and really relaxed. Had a shower, dinner and ready to sleep. Starting to get random lonely strong backside labour.

Thursday 31.7.2014- (40w+1)
Midnight-really strong contractions. Not the usual place in my abdomen but at the back. Contractions were random. 1-1.5mins long, 4-7mins apart. I didn't want to call the midwife as she would have told me to chill and relax. I was really confused. I feel like pooping. Even opened my bowels twice and the constipation pain was still present!

3am-I woke DH up. Told him this feels all poopy. He told me I'm so sensitive to a little pain that I will keep going back to hospital for anything and everything! So I sat there feeling conflicted... Should I or shouldn't I call? Finally he fully woke up and told me to call the midwife at the labour ward. I told her my contractions were random but I felt like pushing and bearing down. She heard me when I had one of the contractions and said that I sound like I'm doing a lot. I told her I really felt like bearing down. She told me to call the ambulance right away! I was like WTH!?!!! Really??

DH called the ambulance. My contractions were getting intense. Ambulance guy told him to grab some towels and lay it on the bed. I think that night he emptied the whole towel cabinet! He practically threw the towels on the bed! I was adamant I'm having this baby in hospital. I told operator to listen to me. I said baby is not coming yet. DH told me to sit on the bed and just listen to instructions. It is not every 2mins apart or so that I'm bearing down. Then all hell broke loose. At about 3.30am, my waters broke with one of the contractions, the lights went on and I was in labour!

Ambulance crew came. Told me if it's 2 mins apart a midwife will come and deliver baby at home. I said no! I want to deliver in hospital. With some gas and air while on the bed, I was proper relaxed. They timed my contractions and it's 4mins apart. So we walked down to the ambulance and I was blue lighted to the hospital. I recalled I didn't have a single contraction in the ambulance journey and had that sinking feeling that we would be sent home again!

In the hospital, it took the receptionist a long while to sort out her crappy paperwork! There was a confusion about if I am a patient or not because I have been in and out of hospital and no one discharged me out! I told her I am ready to push right now. I need to go in or I will have this baby at the reception area! I was quickly wheeled in.

5.25am-introductions, questions and answer sessions, and what have you with my midwives. I was on gas and air and totally lost count of my contractions by now.

5.30am-she examined me and I was 10cm dilated and ready to go! I remember DH saying to me that I am 10cm dilated!!! :) I was so happy. The MW asked if I have any contractions. I said No! But I need to do a massive poo. I felt constipated. She said it's ok. Just push with the next contraction.

5.45am, my contractions started to intensify. I was pushing and I remembered S going in back in when I lost my contractions. :( everything felt fine until it was at the ring of fire. It was bearable but I really rather not have been in the ring of fire! I kept asking when is my baby coming! MW was brilliant. After 2 more pushes (later I read I was contracting 3-4:10), I felt her leave my body and I knew our baby was born. 6.15am was when she came into this world. She was this tiny little wriggly thing placed on my chest. The nurse wiped her and she started crying and OMG! She can cry! DH cut the cord and baby started latching (not well!) and our family is finally complete.

After 4yrs of trying. 2 IVF treatments and a still birth, God finally gave us our baby. 


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    Love_Awaits' Birth Story
    « Reply #1 on: 13/01/15, 09:50 »
    Wow! What a story!! Massive congratulations on your beautiful girl!!

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    Love_Awaits' Birth Story
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    Massive congratulations xxx