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Fife and Ninewells Rollercoster part 3

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Hi everyone

I've set up a part 3 thread for you as part 2 was getting very long, I've posted a link at the end of the last thread so hopefully everyone can find your new home easily.

Happy chatting and lots of  ^reiki^

Dory  :)
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Hi everyone ,

Me and DH are on Ninewells waiting list following an unsuccesful cycle in GCRM. I can have 2 cycles through NHS. Do you know if Ninewells will count our failed cycle towards an NHS cycle and i lose one of the cycles ?

Also how long does it take to start the cycle once we have the initial consultation in Ninewells ?

Thanks a lot !

Crystal Lil:
Hi miyu. Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful cycle. *name removed* is the business manager at Ninewells and she would probably be the one to tell you about how many NHS cycles you're entitled to. I think that the GCRM cycle might count...but you should definitely check.

I am currently in treatment at Ninewells. We had our initial consultation in March 2014 and our fresh cycle treatment started in August 2014 - so that was 5 months. I found everyone to be a bit vague about waiting times. Everyone kept saying that the waiting list wasn't very long - but 5 months felt like a long time to me!!! I am currently doing a FET cycle and I have been told that if it is unsuccessful, I will have to wait a further 3-4 months to do a second cycle.

Good luck!

Hi Crystal Lil. All the best of luck with your FET:) I'm sure you're counting the days now !

Do you remember how long it took to start the cycle after you've gone into the screening appointment ? We are told that they'll do the screening tests as well on this appointment. Last time i had 12 mature eggs but only 4 fertilised and 6 abnormally fertilised. I am hoping we'll get a better fertilisation rate this time !

On the letter they sent us they say if this cycle is unsuccesful we'll be put to the back of the waiting list for the next cycle. So much waiting !

I've got an appointment on Monday for Fife Gyno, we will be referred to Ninewells for IVF. From my understanding of the criteria you are not counted when it's private.

We've waited four months just for this appointment to be moved on because I defo require IVF, it's just that I've a new partner.

Does anyone know the timescale for the first appointment at Dundee and the IVF waiting list times?


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