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Hi everyone

Welcome to your new home, part 6.  I've posted a link on the last thread so hopefully everyone can make their way over here easily.

Happy chatting and lots of luck  ^reiki^

(Your new board mod)

So, LW, are you pupo? Or are they waiting for day 5?
Hope you are doing good!

Pretty pink, how are you feeling?

Pippi, 6.5 weeks!!!! That is sooo exciting! Enjoy this last month and a half!

Hi. I'm due to test at GCRM on Tuesday but today im 10dp3dt and just had a BFN. I'm gutted. I think its all over!! I'm hoping its too early but deep down I think it's right. I've been super tired and my boobs are sore, now and again im getting AF like cramps but apart from that I feel nothing.

I have some frozen embryos so hopefully that can be an option for us

Hope everyone else is doing ok x

Wifey, I am so sorry! Will keep my fingers crossed for you, hope than Tuesday gives you a different outcome. How are you holding up? For the tiredness and sore breast I had the same thing in every 2ww I had, I think it's down to the progesterone you're on. I usually feel much better as soon as I stop it.

Having frozen embies is really good, I never had any, but always thought if I had I would stress less...

Really hoping for a positive outcome on Tuesday, keep us posted!

Hi Billie. Thanks for your support

I tested again this morning and it was bfn again. I not holding out much hope for that changing tomorrow. I'm confused about my protocol. I noticed that all the people on this forum and the 2ww forum are using gel and pesserie. I wasn't given any if this. Just one injection on ovitrell 2 days afte ET. Strange I think as I feel like I've not done anything to help it stick. So I'm not sure where my symptoms are coming from other than af is due in a couple of days


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