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Hi Iv had message asking whats in the green smoothies so here goes,

The green smoothies :-
Get a good blender and add
a handful of romaine lettuce.
A palm full of baby spinach
A cut up carrot
A cut up apple
A cut up pear
half a ripe avocado
a palm full of kale
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of cinnamon
1tsp manuka honey.
a cup full of cloudy pure apple juice
a big glass and half of water.
blend all and pour in three large glasses and refrigerate 2 and drink one on an empty stomach for breakfast. Drink the other one half hour before lunch and the other last one half hour before dinner. Every day
This seems like a lot of bother but in time it will become a habit and you will miss it if you stop.
Its full of anti oxidants and calms your immune system down.
 You a add other fruit or veg  depending on what you have.
i.e a small piece of white cabbage (anti cancerous)
or berries or anything else.

I really pray it helps.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Honeyz - your recipe sounds great. I really want to try it.  HOw long did you do this for? Also, is it really sweet? I am trying to cut back on sugar due to digestive problems. Will it be edible without the pure apple juice?
Also why do you drink it before meals?

Hi lucky. I've been on this smoothie n clean food diet for over a year. But It could help others sooner? As everyone is different.
You can omit the pure apple juice its just for sweetness really.
The reason you want to have it before a meal is that fruit n veg digests faster than other food. So you don't want it sitiing in your stomach on top fermenting.
Also I forgot to mention a good squeeze of lemon. Fruit n veg is alkaline. Our diets are generally too acidic with grains meat n sugar etc. Really one should aim for 80℅ alkaline and 20℅ acidic diet.
BTW lemon maybe acidic but once consumed has an alkaline effect in your body.
So with this youre getting more than your five a anti anti oxidants plus essential vitamins.
BTW I used to also have aptimist honey and sometimes apple cider vinegar.

Thanks Honeyz. That's some dedication doing it every day for a year. I will start it ASAP. I need to take Apple Cider Vinegar but my stomach is very sensitive so it will be good to take it in a concoction.

Honeyz could I please ask about the green smoothie you mention.  Firstly, do you believe this has helped fertility wise - I want to do everything I can and as delicious as it sounds it does seem quite time consuming every day.  Also, would you recommend a blender or a juicer?  Many thanks for your help x


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