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Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
« Reply #10 on: 25/03/15, 17:07 »
Thanks Honeyz - I'm not sure my other half would go for the smoothie.  He thinks all healthy food tastes awful - won't even take vitamins.  Bad boy...


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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #11 on: 25/03/15, 17:19 »
    I started the smoothie. It's so much to consume through the day! But I do think the olive oil is doing something good. My skin was amazing. When I don't do the juice I do a shot of wheatgrass so I'm having something good.  :)

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #12 on: 27/03/15, 21:13 »
    Hi everyone  ^wave^

    I thought it would be useful to have a thread where anyone 40+ can share tips on anything they did or are doing to become healthier and therefore increase their chances of success.

    Happy chatting  ^gossip^

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #13 on: 24/04/15, 23:00 »

    Food is a powerful medicine that has a huge impact on the biochemical processes and general environment of your body. There is now an enormous amount of scientific knowledge about the effects of food and nutrients on treating illness and preventing disease. Nutrition is not just about eating well, however.  It is also about correcting any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, improving digestive function (because you are what you eat, and also what you are able to absorb), balancing hormones naturally, and eliminating toxins and waste.[/size][/color][/size]It took many years for the link between cardiovascular disease and nutrition to be established.  Now the evidence is overwhelming.  More research is now linking nutrition to cancer, type 2 diabetes, mood and much, much more.  In the future, further research will show that what you eat plays a part in every aspect of your health.[/color][/size] Alkalise your blood[/color][/size]Western diets are notoriously acidic and this produces an acidic environment in your body, which can be hostile to your partnerís sperm. Eating an alkaline-forming diet not only prevents acidity but also provides many of the nutrients required for a healthy conception.
    Alkaline-forming foods include most fruit and vegetables, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, sprouted beans and seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, flax seed oil, herbal teas and vegetable juices. Examples of acid-forming foods include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy produce, peanuts, cranberries, prunes, rhubarb, sugar, vinegar, table salt, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol. Mildly acidic-forming foods include brown rice, oats, bread, beans, lentils, tofu, most nuts, olive oil, untreated honey and grain coffee substitutes. An ideal diet should be predominantly made up of foods from the alkaline and mildly acidic categories.

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #14 on: 18/05/15, 14:19 »
    Hi Girls, thanks for sharing your tips for us odies goldies... I'm taking supplements and combined with super green smoothies i'm hoping i'll alkalise my body soon.
    Here is my supplement regime (credit to Angel Bump)

    To be taken every day-
    Vitamin C 1000 mg a day to support immunes and increase pregnancy rate
    Iron 14mg take Iron same time as Vit C for better absorbtion
    Vitamin B6 50 to 100 mg a day to improve progesterne levels should be taken same time as vutamin B12. Increse B6 in 2WW to 500 to support progestererone levels.
    Complex Vitamin B balances pre conception hormones
    Royal Jelly 3x500mg a day helps with egg quality
    Bee Propolis 1x5mg a day to help with egg qualty
    Coenzime Q10 improves blood flow, improves egg quality especially brneficial after ET and ovulation
    Folic Acid 400-1000 mg a day a must supplement when TTC
    Choline & Inositol recomended daily dose helps to restore normal ovulatory activity especially with PCOS

    To take daily together especially after ovulation, during 2WW or ET:
    Selenium 200 mg a day helps with implantation
    Zink 15mg and Magnesuim daily recomended dose helps with implantation
    Vitamin D daily recomended dose increases Pregnancy rate and egg quality
    Fish oil Omega 3 high streinght helps support immune system
    L-Arginine500-1000 mg a day after ET druring 2ww improves implantation
    Alph Lipoc Acid ALA take recomended dose, helps with egg quality and cell division
    Aspirin 75 mg daily but try to take aspurin separately from all others supplements.

    To take from Period day 1 to day 12:
    Evening Primorose Oil high streinght - encourages ovulation by balancing hormones.
    Angus cactus liquid -  take 15-20 drops mixed with small amount of any juice, helps to regulate period

    Also i've found that Robitussin coughing mixture helps with implantation to be taken 5 days before /during ovulation, 2 teaspoon 200 mg 3 x a day.

    CASTOR OIL - to promote healing in the body and more specifically the reproductive system. By applying a castor oil pack externally, positive benefits have been found.

    I make every day 1 1/2L of infused water ight before, to leave overnight at room temperature

    1 LEMON AND MINT i cut whole unwaxed lemon into thin half moon slices and take few fresh mint leafs, add to 1 1/2 L of water and ice, leave overnight and next day you have infused lemon mint water
    2 CINAMON APPLE AND ORANGE  same as above, make sure that orange slices are not too thin... One cinamon sticks, organic apple. Make sure use organic oranges and apples, briliant to control sugar cravings
    3 HONEY CINAMON PEAR , cinnamon stick, two tablespoon of manuka honey, organic pear
    4 MANGO AND GINGER one mango pealed and sliced ginger pealed anc cut into not to thin peaces add to water/ice
    5 STRABWERKES BLUBERRIES AND RASBERRIES handful of each cut each berry in half and add to iced water

    With my Green smoothies, I add serving of Amazing Grass - Green Superfood, Chia seeds rich in Omiga 3 make sure that chia seeds are well grinded to release Oils, hemp seeds also rich in essential amino acids, Apricot Seeds, pomegranet seeds, grape seeds, pumpkin seedetc

    Morning time i mix yogurt with porrige, add teaspoon cinamon powder and one small spoon of honey  somitimes i add vanila, sprinkle with dated and seed mix leave in the fridge overnight.

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #15 on: 25/05/15, 21:08 »
    thanks for sharing your supplement advice Lola, happy to see many I follow and some new ideas too - great!

    i try and remember to be careful of high levels of vit c (mixing supplements and high c foods) from implant as high levels are linked to onset of AF, also i'm careful to chose fish oil as you mention and not cod liver oil, which is not a good choice when ttc

    stay well
    bon chance

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #16 on: 29/10/15, 22:08 »
    wow just wanted to say after 18 years of trying having that little baby girl must have been amazing.

    we tried for 9 years before having our baby girl and i love her so much it is intense!  just about to start trying for one last baby.  this is our last chance, and i am really anxious and nervous about it!  will definitely try and up my intatke of good food, balanced diet etc.

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    Healthy Tips for Over 40 Success
    « Reply #17 on: 2/12/16, 10:46 »