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Re: Liverpool Womens Hospital - Part 3
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Hi girls

Dakin, WOW the pics sound great !!! it must have been soo exciting :)  Its strange to think that normal as you know it with just you and Steve is going to be turned upside down in the new year  ^babycrawl^   and you have the pics to prove it.   Really happy for the two of you, just hope me and Darren can follow your lead xx

Feeling ok today, just really tired even after loads of sleep ??

the 2ww is going ok, sometimes feeling positive othertimes negative its a bit of a no win situation, but we shall  know soon enough  :o  I have told darren if we get to testing i will be in the other room with my headphones on, I honestly dont think i could stay and hope for the line   ^scared^ I would be a wreck i just know it

best wishes and loads of  ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^



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