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Faithopes 2nd miracle born 6/4/2015
« on: 24/04/15, 15:39 »
So 5 days before the due date, I had spent a lot of the day bouncing on the ball. DH and I went to bed at 10pm as usual and as I lay down, it felt like my waters were bulging. So I went for a wee to see if that helped. I ended up emptying my bowels 5 times  :o

I got back into bed but couldn't lay down. So I told DH that I really didn't feel normal and I thought I might be in labour. I got up and walked about the bedroom and I started contractions-they were 2 minutes apart. We rang my mum who had to come and look after Jack.

We went and got dressed and rang the Maternity unit. They advised us to go straight in. I had many more contractions that made me chant aw aw aw over and over.

Got to hospital at 11pm and went straight to delivery.

i asked for the epidural so they got the anesthetist to come and do the paperwork. He ended up being called to an emergancy so i had to wait.

Gas and air had to do until he came back. I had the epidural at midnight and after the 20 minute wait for it to work, it showed it hadn't  ^bigbad^

I was examined and was told I was 3cm dilated. What ?  ^bigbad^

More gas and air. my midwife said she was going for a break and that another midwife would watch over me. A few minutes later and I had the overwhelming urge to push. I shouted at DH that I needed to push. He told the midwife that if im saying I need to push, then I really do. She got angry and said that no I didn't need to push as when i was examined I was only 3cm.

DH shouted at her to get someone, she told him she was fine to look after me and that I was not to push. Well I didn't listen and did what my body was telling me. I think seeing me push had her stressing so she pressed a bell for help. my midwife ran in, took one exam down there and told me I was 10cm and to push.

I pushed and when the head started to emerge, the midwife took complete control and told me to pant. I  did as she asked and the head came out controlled. The body followed and DH cried and told me we had another boy. He was placed straight on my chest, crying. I kissed his head and told him I loved him. DH and I were over the moon.

I had a second degree tear. Had to be stitched up. Had my epidural worked, I wouldn't have felt a thing..

Baby George fed from the breast for 30 minutes like a pro and then he was weighed- 7lb 13oz of loveliness  :)


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    Faithopes 2nd miracle born 6/4/2015
    « Reply #1 on: 14/12/16, 17:14 »
    This is why I don't want my cervix examined during labour. It's amazing that it is possible to go from 3 to 10 cm so quickly.