* Author Topic: A woman with AMH 0.07 and FSH 14.7 no period suddenly from Denmark  (Read 2370 times)

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8 days after my 5 day transfer (8dp5dt) I had a faint second line on my pregnancy test (BFP =Big fat positive) but by my official test date (OTD)  it was negative (BFN =Big fat negative) So we had implantation but it didn't hang around...

Glad the meeting went well and you can start soon :)



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    Sorry to hear that I hope it will happen soon for you. Yes now I just have to wait, wait and wait..

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    Hi Girls

    I am wrtiing in this forum because I don't find a similar forum in my own country women with low fertility, so I hope you can help.
    To make a long story short.
    Last year I discoved my bad test result because we have tried to conceive for one year.
    In 2014 I only had 3 missed period. The last one in 2014 was october and a very light one in January 2015 almost no blood. No period has come until now. Last week I had a bit brownish coming out, but I thougt it was the period on the way because it starts like that normally. I will start treatment in June 2015 because the doctors think there might be a chance as they have seen 5 follicles in a good since. I am afraid now that there will be no treatment because of no period.

    My questions now are now

    Can you call the brownish period for a period I had last week?
    Is it possible to start treatment with no period?

    I hope I will find someome with same experince like me.

    All the best from Denmark

    I think you should again consult with the doctor and take a second opinion about your periods and treatment, if you are not comfortable then they can also postpone your treatment and continue it after your periods according to your convenience, I think this will be a better decision for you, as it should not have adverse effect on your menstrual cycle.