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GENNET Graduates & Friends part 3
« on: 23/05/15, 09:46 »
New home ladies. Happy chatting  :)

Old thread can be found here: https://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=327070.1090



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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #1 on: 23/05/15, 09:46 »
    Hi Ladies

    Please allow Theo to post here first with your Clinic Progress List, then the thread can continue as normal.


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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #2 on: 23/05/15, 15:10 »

    (with some 2014 details)

    Angel_Delight (Aug 2015 FET from previous DE chemical)
    Anxiao (Jul 2015 +)
    Apples2014 (Nov 2015 OE -; going again)
    Bertil (Aug 2015 DE -; going again)
    Cheesy (Jun 2015 OE cancelled; going again with DE)
    Chocolatebox (Aug/Sept 2015 natural OE cancelled)
    Cinnamon75 (Dec 2015 OE -)
    Cloudberry (Jan 2015 DE +)
    Dailyjoy (DE Oct 2015 -; going again)
    Deeosull (Jun 2015 OE -; Dec 2015 DE twins)
    Eiluj (Jul 2015 FET from previous DE + then miscarriage)
    EssieJean (Jul 2015 DE miscarriage; going again)
    Fairycake34 (Jun 2015 OE +)
    Gailgegirl (Jun 2015 DE miscarriage)
    Gpn (Mar 2015 DE + then -; FET from previous DE Jun '15 + twins)
    Iklefeet (Nov/Dec 2015 DE +)
    Itwillhappen2015 (Sept 2015 + twins)
    Jelliebabe (Mar 2014 OE + then -; Sept '14 OE -; Feb '15 DE + twins)
    Jumeirah (May 2015 DE +)
    Katkat2014 (Feb 2015 OE -, Jul '15 OE -; Oct '15 OE -)
    Kh80130 (Nov 2015 ...)
    Kia-kaha (Jan & Feb 2015 OE/PGS with Apr '15 FET -; Jul '15 SFET +)
    Lexan (Apr 2015 OE OHSS, Jul '15 FET +)
    Maisie O (Apr 2015 DD FET +)
    Mammy86 (Apr 2014 FET -; Apr '15 DE +)
    Misty07 (Apr 2014 DE -; Oct '14 DE -; Feb '15 FET -)
    Mrs Dreamer (Dec 2015 DE +)
    Mummyatlast (Sep 2015 FET from previous DE -; going again)
    Northern (Oct 2015 OE -; going again)
    Offthewall (May 2015 DFET from DE in Jan '15 +)
    PBAL (2013 DE -; Apr '15 DE +)
    Peggylou (Nov 2015 OE -; going again)
    RunnerBeans (Nov 2015 OE +)
    Sfg29 (Apr 2015 OE -; Oct '15 FET -; going again)
    Silverfern (Dec 2015 DE twins)
    Super125 (Jun 2015 OE +)
    Tash1 (Aug 2015 OE -)
    Tracyev (Oct 2014 OE/OS -; Jan '15 FET -)
    Tracey42 (Dec 2013 DE/ICSI -; Mar 2014 FET -; Dec '14 FET -; Apr '15 DE + then miscarriage; going again)
    Twinkle toes 75 (Aug 2015 DE +)
    Ugly (Oct 2014 DE chemical; Sep '15 DE -; going for 3rd free cycle)
    Whatamerrygoround (Mar 2015 DE +)
    Wulfin8 (Apr 2015 OE -)

    cycled or may have cycled in 2015 but never posted again
    Bellasmom (Jan 2015 DE - results unknown)
    Chihuahua lady (April 2015 DE?)
    Ddlzhaze (Feb 2015 FET from previous DE?)
    Jesi (May 2015 cycle?)
    Rapenn79 (Feb 2015 IUI?)
    Sky84 (Aug 2014 DE + then miscarriage; May '15 DE?)
    Thisistheyear (Jul 2015 OE?)

    See page 1 of the current cycling thread for more 2015-2016 info

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    (with some 2013 details)

    Andie175 (Aug 2013 DE -; '13 FET -; April '14 DE + then -; success @ another clinic then miscarriage; Nov '14 DE +)
    Aussiebub (Sept 2014 DE+DS @ another clinic + twins)
    Becksiow (Oct 2014 DE +)
    Cali4nia_! (March 2014 OE + twins)
    Calypso (April 2014 DE + twins)
    DaisyAndBuckley (OE 2013 -; Oct '13 FET -; May '14 DD FET -; July '14 DE + twins)
    Edinburghjenn (Sept 2014 DE + then miscarriage)
    Fiona in welwyn gc (June 2014 DE + then miscarriage; surrogacy @ another clinic + twins)
    Gailgegirl (June 2013 DE miscarriage; Dec '13 DE + twins then miscarriage; Aug '14 FET early miscarriage; Dec '14 FET low + then -)
    Idlikemagic (Aug 2014 DE + twins)
    Italiangirl (Feb DE 2014 -; May '14 FET +)
    Jelliebabe (Mar 2014 OE + then -; Sept '14 OE -)
    Jord190 (Nov 2014 DE +)
    Jumeirah (Feb 2014 OE -; June '14 OE -)
    Kjoris (Dec 2014 OE -)
    Ladynewt (Feb 2014 OE -; May OE cancelled ER; Sept '14 OE -; Dec '14 DE + then -)
    Lilirose (DE Aug 2014 +)
    Linlou (Jan 2014 DD natural FET +)
    Loki Girl (Jan 2014 DE+DS -; moving on to adoption)
    Malman (Jan 2014 DE + then -)
    Mammy86 (Apr 2014 FET -)
    Marthakeithy (DD FET Dec 2014 -)
    Minnymouse (Feb 2014 DE -)
    Misty07 (Apr 2014 DE -; Oct '14 DE -)
    Mrslocky (Jan 2014 OE -; Oct '14 FET +)
    OptimisticV (Jan DE+TESE + twins then vanishing twin)
    Pbal (Aug 2013 DE 6wk m/c; FET -; Oct DE -)
    RB76 (Oct 2014 DE cycle with FET later on -)
    Shazziebear (Dec 2014 DE + then miscarriage)
    Shilltpo (July 2014 DE + then blighted ovum/miscarriage)
    Sky84 (Aug 2014 DE + then miscarriage)
    Sporty_girlie (Mar 2014 DE + twins then just one)
    SYLSeattle (Mar 2014 DE +)
    Teapot73 (June 2014 OE -; Sept '14 OE -)
    Tinkerbell23 (April 2014 DE + twins)
    Tracyev (Oct 2014 OE/OS -)
    Tracey42 (Dec 2013 DE/ICSI -; Mar 2014 FET -; Dec '14 FET -)
    Ugly (Oct 2014 DE chemical)
    Willclementine (June 2014 DE + then blighted ovum; Oct '14 FET +)

    maybe cycled in 2014 but never posted again
    Gracie42 (FET from previous DE?)
    Kes67 (DE Oct 2014?)
    Millie13 (DD FET Aug 2014?)
    Rosecolored (DE Mar 2014?)
    Roxy13 (DE+DS?)
    Sally76 (OE June 2014?)
    Sweet123 (DE May 2014?)
    Thornhill (OE Nov 2014?)
    Wk26 (OE May 2014?)

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


    Almond1 (April 2013 DE +)
    Andie175 (Aug 2013 DE -; '13 FET -)
    Angel_Delight (DE +)
    BeDazzled (Jan 2013 FET +)
    Bex360 (May 2013 FET + twins)
    Cheesy (Feb 2013 OE - ; followed w/April OE +)
    Constanza (2013 DE + twins)
    DaisyAndBuckley (2013 OE -; Oct '13 FET -)
    Eiluj68 (June 2013 DE twins then 8wk loss / cervical ectopic, Dec '13 DE +)
    Furryrap (March 2013 DD FET -; August '13 DD FET +)
    Gailgegirl (June 2013 DE miscarriage; Dec '13 DE + twins then - after miscarriage)
    Greenbird (June 2013 DE +)
    Herewegoagain003 (June 2013 DE +)
    Izzy1234 (July 2013 DE +)
    Jeanette2 (DE 2013 +)
    Jumeirah (July 2013 OE chemical; Nov -; going again in 2014)
    Kia-kaha (June 2013 OE + then ecoptic; Sept +)
    Martakeithy (2013 2 x DD FET -; DD FET chemical)
    Panicstricken (2013 DE +)
    PBAL (2013 DE + then miscarriage)
    RB76 (April 2013 DE + twins, severe pre-E so birth @ 24 weeks, 1 girl doing well)
    Rory (Feb 2013 DE + then - @ 3-month scan; '13 DE -)
    SophieMatilda (May 2013 DE twins)
    Theodora (Nov '12 DD FET -; July '13 DD FET +)
    Tracey42 (2013 DE/ICSI -; going again in 2014)
    Valex (Jan 2013 DE twins)

    maybe cycled in 2013 but never posted again
    Althea68 (DE)
    Greeney (DE)

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #3 on: 23/05/15, 17:39 »
    Thanks bundles and theo.

    What a big decision. Options and possibilities don't half complicate things sometimes. I haven't a clue what the best thing is but I can't help feeling you are adding pressure with times and speed of decision-making. But maybe I'm wrong. Do you need to try your blasts to get closure and avoid regret? If so maybe it's your answer. But like you said, you probably moved on when you progressed with DE. I don't know what to say on the testing of OE. I am now 40 and I won't do any pre ET. But I guess doing a modified natural and knowing I'm lucky if I get any eggs and it'll be a 2dt if I have a fertilised embie makes that decision for me. If your previous donor would go again, would it make the decision for you?

    I do relate to need to stop bf to cycle etc and my AF returned the day of my last feed but I'd tapered lots over the previous 2 months including stopping the one before work and the night feeds which I guess made the difference. I don't envy you the decision but I hope having baby sport takes some of the pressure off. Ps sorry if what I said on other thread about OE and appearance was unhelpful. I know what you mean because I wish i saw myself in pickle, but I dont!

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #4 on: 24/05/15, 01:16 »
    Please allow an 'old' and infrequent reader to pop on and say a huge congratulations to mammy86! Very happy to stumble across your lovely news. Wishing you well xx

    And best wishes to all of you currently in the midst of your treatment  ^reiki^

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #5 on: 24/05/15, 19:04 »
    Cheesy - it's true what you say. My DH doesn't look like his mother either. He is the spit of his father. Baby Sport is the spit of my DH. I think there is a very strong gene there. I also don't my know if this wouldn't have been the case had it been my OE. I think I'm just sensitive as he isn't from my eggs and so when someone makes such a comment....  I tend to be more defensive and hurt.

    It's also interesting your experience around BFing and AF. I'm pretty much where you were with just feeding at night now. All that said I think we're fairly agreed not to proceed with my OE frosties. It's so expensive and if it were Prague prices for a transfer we'd just do it, but the price for the London transfer is halfway to a whole fresh DE cycle, should we need it. We'll give it next week as a cooling off period, but then I think we'll book an appointment with CF to get that ball rolling.

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #6 on: 24/05/15, 21:57 »
    Mammy!  Brill Scan news!  Yes its just one long wait from one appointment to another isn't it!

    PBAL and Cheesy - It was my 16 week midwife appointment.  We wont be able to tell gender until the 20 week scan.  We're scheduled for that on the 12th of June when I'll be just over 19weeks.  We are hoping to find out though...  If not I will have to have another and find out then.

    Cheesy - OMG that's so quick!  A FORTNIGHT!  EEEEK  Gawd I'm going to go bandy keeping everything Xd!

    Sporty - I think I would agree with your second to last paragraph.  It may be giving up on your genetic child but not giving up on another child which is what you want.  Are the frosties in Prague from the same donor?  And I can see that comment was a throwaway one but it just happened to score a bullseye.  Try not to dwell on it...

    Aussie - How're you getting on?

    Bundles - How's it going with you???

    Right I have my first hospital appointment Friday.  I've got to start Fragmin and continue until 6 weeks after birth (booooooo) but at least I'll be able to see who is more than likely be taking control of what's going to happen and when.  right - one more day of the weekend to go!  Love a long weekend.  Gardening tomorrow and going to see my Mum... Lovely - Happy weekend everyone  ;D

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #7 on: 25/05/15, 07:45 »
    Hi all
    Great to read the updates from mummies to be. Well done ladies seems like your pregnancy milestones are progressing nicely

    Sporty - I think you're right in your thought process - if it were cheaper or if your own embies were in Prague then it would be a clear it decision but when you weigh up half the price of your real chance with de I would be heading down that route - is there any way do you think you could kat the emphasis on prague how much you'd really love the same donor. I know she's at capacity but if she was approached and agreed to?!?

    Afm - we are getting on swimmingly. The girls are 7 weeks now and just beautiful - such different little personalities - my calm little Ava and tenacious little beatrice
    Unfortunately both girls tongue ties have re attached 😁 so we are back down to London in a fortnight to have them re lasered - it's still effecting their feeling - Breast feeding not as efficient as it should be so not stimulating my milk fully. They have Breast milk from me every day combined with aptimal formula feeding there after - I'm still only able to express about 50-60mls but keeping this supply going hoping it will increase when they can latch properly

    Aside from the feeding we are getting out and about lots, mums and baby groups. Seeing friends and some solo shopping trips. I can put my apple to pear up and down in the same time as solo mums 😊 so alls good there. The girls started smiling at 6 weeks just melts our hearts.

    Daddies challenge for this week is to learn how tj give the girls together as he's still most comfortable running solo with one of our little ladies at a time / gonna start booking in some me time out and see how he copes. No point being a wonder mum withou a wonder daddy 😉

    Fee / Aussie how you both getting on mamas ???

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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #8 on: 25/05/15, 11:56 »
    Morning All,

    Apologies for not being able to post sooner - I have found it very difficult to find the time to concentrate (when I am not sleep deprived  ;D ;D )

    Lovely to be back on the thread.

    Will try to respond to everyone but since it's been so long since I have been on here please accept my apologies if I have missed something ..

    Cheesy - very interested in the grow bags - I would love to get them in one as soon as possible - I know someone on the NCT mentioned that there were some that you could get from birth but I am apprehensive about this.  Any thoughts ladies?

    Theo - I see your little one is just one years old - do you feel the time has just flown?  It sounds like you have a lot going on with him, which is his favourite

    Jelly - I can't believe you are at 16 weeks already.  I remember all too well, the first 8 weeks to 12 weeks went so slowly and then it just sped by and next thing I knew I was gazing at our twins.  Would also be interested, have you been told gender or will it be a surpass.

    Cheesy - so exited for you chick - not long now ... how many will you put back?  where are you staying in Prague?

    Sportie - I really don't know what to say about OE vs DE - I agree that costs of frozen in the UK are ridiculous.  Seems a shame not to try with these eggs but depends how much cash you have and if OE would then preclude DE.  Just wondering if you could get them transferred to Prague and then pay their frozen rates?

    Aussie - lovely to see how your little ones have grown.  just as a matter of interest how much weight are they putting on per week, what is your feeding/sleeping pattern??  Would like to compare with UK expectations.  How many times a day are you feeding them?

    PBAL - massive congratulations - I did read about your bleeding and really wanted to post but i just couldn't seem to get to the computer for any more than a nanosecond.  bleeding in pregnancy is so awful .. glad all worked out for you.

    Mammy, I am thrilled for you ... really am ... it's so lovely to see when the 'die hards' finally see the end of the rainbow.  How are you feeling?  are you starting to believe it is real yet?  how is sickness etc?

    AFM - well the last few weeks - all the days seem to merge into one.  Things have been a little fraught as my hubby to be was not granted paternity when we wanted it and so I was going loop the loop with limited support.  The crazy thing is that my mum could have come down if I had known ... I still don't really understand the paternity leave thing - there's some form you fill in which states that a/ you have to state a date you want to start your leave or b/ you want it when the babies are both.  Trouble is, this doesn't really work when babies are born premature because you don't want your hubby having parental leave whilst babies are in special care.  Anyway, mum is here now so that's ok.

    Scarlett and Josh seem to really suit their names.  Josh is the most laid back baby I have ever come across - I have yet to hear him cry properly.  He just kinda whimpers a bit when he has his nappy changed or if he is starving hungry.  You can hold him up with your two hands and he doesn't wake up - just gently keeps on snoring.  Scarlett is now known as 'Scarlett Stroppy Knickers'.  She is a very good baby but she screams when she is changed and if she is hungry.  Guess that's pretty normal.

    Other than that, we got them into four hourly feeds and sequentially which has really helped.  We keep trying to get them into 6,10,2 as these feeds enable Richard to do the 2am and still go back to sleep.  it can take up to one and a half hours to feed the two of them which does tend to mean that you are fully awake by the end.  having said that my mum has done the early morning feed for one of them which has really helped.

    Mostly I would say that having the twins is much easier than I ever imagined, mainly because I have heard many women say "nothing prepares you for it" but weirdly it is exactly as I expected it to be , except I thought the sleep deprivation would be worse..

    Question for you ladies - it does seem that if we leave them, they can often go five hours without being fed.  So I am now wondering what to do.  Do I try to feed them four hourly during the day and then leave them at night?  Any ideas ??

    Hope everyone is okay - apologies if I have missed anyone.


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    Gennet Graduates & Friends part 3
    « Reply #9 on: 25/05/15, 21:41 »
    FEe sounds like you're doing great hun!

    Quick answers

    Grow bags - we used these from 4/5 weeks - you can use as long as their head wouldn't slip down into the bag they're great and save all the blankets

    Sleep wise - ours still wake 3 hours from the end of the feed but now if they do go longer I leave them Id say it depends on your little ones weight - do you need to keep waking them to feed to keep their weight up if not then let them go longer

    Your comments on personalities struck a chord we have just the same here 😉 except we call Bea firey mouse 😉