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Spotting/bleeding at 13 weeks
« on: 19/07/15, 08:37 »
I was wondering if anyone has had similar.  I noticed some light watery pink bleeding or spotting last night when I went to the loo.  It totally freaked me out, although I had my dating scan on Thursday and everything was fine so I am trying not to worry.   :-\


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    Spotting/bleeding at 13 weeks
    « Reply #1 on: 19/07/15, 10:19 »
    Hi Vicki

    I haven't experienced bleeding at your stage, I know many have and went on to have healthy babies.

    I am sure that some ladies with experience will pop along soon

    Donna x

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    Spotting/bleeding at 13 weeks
    « Reply #2 on: 19/07/15, 12:35 »
    Hi Vicki,

    I had a big fresh blood bleed at 13 weeks and 2 days. It was also watery. There was so much blood we thought there was no way our baby could have survived. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and have been brown spotting ever since. We don't really know the cause. We think it is a haematoma and/or the edge of the placenta bleeding.

    We saw many professionals asking for advice, but mainly the information/support of this site has helped. I am taking it very easy until all the bleeding has stopped for a few weeks.

    I'd recommend putting your feet up and doing minimal today. Also, taking it easy for the next few weeks - just so that the bleed/wound can heal. Drink plenty of water so that your cervix isn't irritated by the bleed.  I would also call the midwife (or whatever procedure you have in your area for out of hours) and see what they say. The blood is more likely from things shifting around than the baby - but all bleeding needs to be investigated to see if a cause can be found. It's great you have recently had a scan so at least you know things are more than likely ok.