* Author Topic: PGD for NF1. #1, #2, #3 #4 #5 #6= BFN'; surrogacy #7 = BFP.  (Read 23923 times)

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Funeral is next Friday.

Are we the unluckiest couple ever?

Instead of Christmas cards our house is full of sympathy cards.


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    We buried my father in law 2 days ago and my only friend left with no kids has told me she's pregnant.

    This year and everything sucks.

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    Definetly not a happy new year.

    Spending this weekend and probably many more to come sorting and clearing out his parents house.
    His parents had a lot of stuff, every room is full so it's going to take us ages.

    Booked in for the scratch this month and going to transfer again.
    I don't think its going to work that much I've stopped all my vitamins.
    Irresponsible? Potentially.
    But most of my friends got pregnant and weren't even taking folic acid.
    My life for the past 3 years has been dominated by vitamins and I'm just fed up.

    PGD isn't going to work for us now.
    I know this - so we're just going to transfer these last 3 embryos as fast as possible.

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    Scratch today.
    Still not taking my vitamins - not even folic acid.

    Going to try ask dr Gorgy for a natural transfer or a medicated one with tamoxifen.
    It won't be pretty - I'll probably get on my hands and knees and beg.

    Transfer should be first 2 weeks of march anyway.
    My 30th birthday is the 4th of March.
    I'll probably still drink on my birthday even if I've transferred - that's how much I am done and just don't care as much anymore xx

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    I'm reading people's diaries who've had numerous failed transfers like me and then their bfps and i think will that ever be me?
    It's getting Harder now.
    Every day I think about being a mum.
    Why would this work for us now?
    We've tried so much and nothing has worked?

    I've read diaries where people have talked about surrogacy and adoption and then their next transfer has worked...happy for them but so incredibly sad for us.

    Also couldn't have the scratch today.
    Will type properly why later but basically dr Gorgys clinic is the most disorganised place ever.

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    Ok so I couldn't have the scratch because I went to London on cd20 (as I believe it needed to be done on cd21) yeah that's if you have 28 days cycles. Mine are 35 so I'd come a week early.
    So 80 on train tickets for nothing!!!
    I was bouncing.
    Not one person from that clinic thought to ask me my cycle length on the phone.
    They just presume that everyone lives in London.
    Still bouncing now.
    So whilst I was there I asked dr Gorgy to scan me and see if a natural transfer was an option and it wasn't as my lining wasn't thick enough....6mm and I'd not long ovulated so ideally it should of been about 8mm.
    So medicated is definetly the way. Charged 270 as well for the scan.
    He agreed to give ne tamoxifen but ooooh he wasn't happy about it at all.

    So I re booked the scratch a week later at a clinic near Warrington. 350 ouch! But like hell was his clinic getting my money.
    The consultant who did it knew dr Gorgy and told me to tell him hi.
    He also had never heard of tamoxifen to thicken the lining.
    Research is telling me otherwise.

    So I had the scratch - no bleeding with it.
    Started spotting on Wednesday, then Friday heavily so I called London and they said come down on Monday (today) for baseline scan. I'm meant to start meds on cd2.
    My period has finished as it was really light (probably cos of the scratch) and today is cd3. But what can you do!!

    So hopefully I'll get the go ahead to start meds tonight...

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    All given the ok to start meds.
    Bloods came back fine.
    Lining looked thin.

    However my thyroid has come back at 0.04!!!
    Now everyone whose read my diary for the past couple of years, knows that guys had me on 50mcg and my thyroid was stable around 2.2.

    Gorgy had me on 25mcg daily and then it crept up a bit so he put me on 50/25/50/25 - alternate days.
    Yeah now it's 0.04!!!
    The cut off is 0.3/0.4 so I'm freaking out majorly!! Xx

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    Dr has told me to take 25mcg daily and retest in 3 weeks. Well that's no good I'm transferring in roughly 2-3.
    If it's not risen enough then I'm not transferring, it's as simple as.
    Back down again today for a lining scan xx

    I've just looked at a previous page of my diary (2015 btw. Hard to believe I'm still here in 2018!!) and it went from 3.64 to 2.17 after 2 weeks of 50mcg, so hopefully it can work the other way now and jump up!

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    Ah I didn't update this last week.

    So last Monday I went for my lining scan and as you all know I do have lining problems, well the thickest part was 9mm!! My lining overall averaged out at 8mm and dr Gorgy was happy with it and said:
    'You're actually making me believing in tamoxifen'
    He took my bloods to check I'd not ovulated and I hadn't so back down again today for another lining scan and thyroid.
    God I hope it's risen!!!

    My train leaves Liverpool today at 12pm.
    Even if my lining hasn't grown anymore in a week, it's still better than it's ever been so I'm happy with that xx

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    Good news: lining is 11.4mm.

    Bad news: my thyroid has dropped even more to 0.02 so he's told me to come off thyroxine completely.
    I'm seeing him on Thursday but I don't think I want to transfer now. The normal range is 0.3....and I'm 0.02 so I'm well below normal.
    I hope I've not damaged my thyroid and developed Graves' disease or something....