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Not updated this for ages, my bad!!

Our embryos have moved across London and are now at their new home at Dr Gorgy's office.

My ureaplasma has cleared :)

My NKC have actually come back as low this time? Not sure why. Maybe I never had high NKC and it was due to the ureaplasma infection?

I'm waiting results back to check our LIT has worked - they should be back next week.

I've crazily booked a hysterscopy with Penny at serum in Greece. I was going to go alone as my husband has no leave left but my friend has kindly offered to go with me. I go at the end of September for 2 days. I've heard amazing things about Penny's hysterscopys.

I'm putting in a complaint with Liverpool women's because I requested my notes for my hysterscopy in December 2016 and they've come back blank and not filled in. If they'd come back saying nothing abnormal to report then I wouldn't if rebooked one but it hasn't.

So hysterscopy at the end of September and then prep for transfer 5 is starting!! Xx


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    My LAD came back higher but still low so I need another lit. It started at 7% and after 2 LIT it's 33% but it needs to be 50% so we're booked in for another one on October 5th.

    I'm heading to Greece on Thursday for my hysterscopy. A bit worried something will happen when I'm under the GA but I think that's only because I'll be in another country so far from home.

    We're not re testing the LAD after this 3rd lit. I'm guessing this next one will bump it up enough - if it gets to like 45% we're not going to pay another 1000 for another one for the sake of 5%.

    Dr Gorgy wants me to have the scratch but cos Greece do the implantation cuts that last 6 months that's enough.

    If he wants me to down reg I'll be stsrtjng that on October 4th which is cd21, if not I'll start the oestrogen on my next cd2 which will be mid October so looking like a November transfer xx

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    Off to Greece tomorrow for my hysto.
    Eeek what the hell am I doing!!

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    I'm alive!!! Yaaaay!!

    Trip went well. My friend came to my house on Wednesday evening, we went out for tea and then had an early night.
    We got up at 5:45am on Thursday and left for Manchester airport.
    Our plane was delayed there, we were meant to leave there at 9am but we didn't leave till 9.40am. The flight was 75 minutes which meant (due to time change) we weren't getting into Amsterdam till 11.55 and the gates for the connecting flight closed at 12pm.

    So I basically spent the flight to Amsterdam panicking with my friend trying to calm me down. We made up time and got off the plane at 11.50 so we literally ran and ran to the next gate - got there at 12pm and we were like the last 10 on there....then we were delayed in Amsterdam for an hour so a bit of a nightmare trip to Greece.

    John (the driver of serum) was waiting to collect us and he took us to the hospital for the pre op which went fine - very thorough.
    Then he took us back to the hotel which was a 5* one and lovely. We had tea and went to bed and then the next morning got picked up, hotel did us a breakfast box for my friend when she was waiting and for me when I was allowed to eat.

    Got to the hospital and there were a few English people there which relaxed me :)
    I got changed into my gown and I was thinking what on earth am I doing? I am crazy!!

    Anyway all went well. Everything looks ok apart from some infection/inflammation in there so back on antibiotics for 10 days.

    also annoyingly I won't be starting meds anytime soon as dr Gorgy wants to do a baseline scan on my next cd1 and then I'll get my protocol. That's not going to be to another 2-3 weeks though so transfer may not be till Xmas depending on if he wants me to down reg.

    We're still trying naturally especially as serum have done the implantation cuts so I am apparently very fertile!! Yeah it's a pgd taboo but no one is in our shoes. Most people have had their success by now so meh.

    We're off to London tonight ready for our next LIT tomorrow. It was going to be a nightmare as the tubes were on strike but thankfully that's been called off xx

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    LIT all done. Re test on the 30th October so hopefully my levels have risen enough.

    Went to an IVF meet up in Manchester yesterday which I did really enjoy but it also made me feel sad and bitter for me. Like people were mums or were pregnant after a couple of transfers.
    What the hell? These are women with problems who've had success? We're just doing this to prevent a genetic condition and are having problems upon problems.

    How is any of this fair?
    How can so many people have success?
    When is it going to be our turn?
    Is it ever going to be our turn?

    So peed off with the entire process right now.

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    Thought I'd be feeling better after a sleep.

    Nope im still feeling quite bitter. Not fair how we've not got a baby yet.

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    Not updated this for a while.
    Period arrived which probably was one of the reasons why I was acting like such a bitter cow - but I do still feel meh about this entire process and the fact pretty much everyone is pregnant or has their baby by now.

    So my period arrived a week last Monday. I called dr Gorgys office and they told me to come down on Tuesday (17th) for my lining scan. So after work last week I drove 2.5 hours to my sisters in Leicester because I was scared the storm was going to cancel trains on Tuesday. Caught a train from Leicester on Tuesday morning.
    So I had my scan and had my bloods done. All looked well - lining was thin - polysistic ovaries were quiet.
    I got the ok to start 10mg of oestrogen and 2 patches.

    I also purchased neupogen. 334 for 5 injections!!!!

    I started clexane on Saturday.

    Back down today for my first lining scan and intralipids. I'm really tired. I left the house at 7am and currently sat in crewe waiting for my train to London.

    Transfer 5 should be in 2-3 weeks xx

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    so yeah this is my plan:

     I'm not down regging. Dr Gorgy is sticking to the oestrogen protocol of the ERA as that came back receptive.

    I'm on Lubion and progesterone pessaries.

    I'm adding clexane from day 5 of oestrogen.

    No steroids this time. (I was surprised at that one) but because my NKC biopsy can back low he doesn't want to over suppress me.

     Dr Gorgy did a mock transfer last week as well -  that hurt!!

    I'm taking 1500 HCG trigger as well.

    I don't know how my mental health will cope if this does not work. I have literally thrown everything test wise, financially wise at this and I'm not suicidal or anything but I don't know how I'll ever feel ok again if it doesn't.

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    So my lining on Tuesday was 7.2mm after 1 week of oestrogen. It's never been that high with guys really after 2-3 weeks.
    Dr Gorgy doesn't understand why guys say my lining isn't good? But I did say I have added acupuncture. I go every week so maybe that has something to do with it?

    I thought I'd be ready for transfer lol (FET prep done in a week lol) but dr Gorgy wants me back down next Tuesday so guessing transfer will be w/c 6th November.

    He also cancelled my intralipids - changed his mind and now said I don't need them till the day of ET which caused a bit of a meltdown as because I had them before transfer last time and my nkc were slightly high last year but low this year I'm like omg the results are wrong and I need them before transfer. Dr Gorgy is basing his decision on this years results.

    I panicked though that because I had the nkc biopsy on day 6 after ovulation - I had it too early as Coventry see people 7- 10 days after ovulation.

    It's really hard to trust and not question everything when you get to the stage I'm at.

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    I'm poorly :(

    First day off work sick in 7 years. Wounded!!!

    I started feeling poorly last weekend but thought it was just the meds and pushed it to the back of my mind all week and carried on but on Saturday I really did start feeling unwell and discovered white blobs on my tonsils which I heard are tonsil stones. So I tweexed them out but some have grown back.

    Heading the gp later.

    Need to find the energy to get to London tomorrow. I don't even know if you can transfer if unwell but fingers crossed I'll be better by next week xx