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Trouble ejaculating

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Hi all,

The OH and I are about to start the IVF process and I'm after some advice (obviously). The better half and I have been trying for a while however as "D day" gets closer I'm struggling to maintain my erection and as a result not able to ejaculate. I've not touched alcohol for a few months, lost about two stone and generally improved all the things recommended to improve. We think it's psychological, had anyone got any tips on ways to stop thinking about the fact that I need to help OH get pregnant naturally?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steve,

Noticed no one has replied to you, so thought I would. First off well done you on everything you've done so far to get yourself in the best possible state. I'm sure that will definitely go in your favour. We don't have any experience of not being able to maintain an erection but my DH definitely had problems ejaculating about a year or so into us trying to conceive.

This was before we found out we needed to go down the ICSI route but knew it was to do with the pressure my hubby felt he was under, so the same cause really. We didn't do too much to get over it but I stopped telling him when my most fertile time was and we had sex more often, so it wasn't just about him having to perform on set days. It worked for us, hope you're able to get over this.  :)

Hi Steve.

It sounds as though you are describing retarded ejaculation. Is this something that's troubled you before? Whilst it's not that common it is, I think second on the list of erectile dysfunction.

You are right in thinking it is psychological, it may be a good idea to contact a psycho sexual therapist..If you do ask them if they can help with retarded ejaculation.

All the very best.



I would talk to your clinic in advance, the settings for men to produce are not to great according to my hubby!

They could perhaps freeze a sample in advance as a back up.  The pressure must be horrendous for men, so I do feel for you.  Friends of ours had to resort to Viagra in the bedroom, so perhaps go to your gp.

Good luck

Thanks all,

We went through ICSI and got three blastocysts, two went in and we froze one. Sadly, we had a negative test and just waiting for consent forms for the frozen transfer. Been in touch with the GP who suggested change of diet and try to reduce my stress levels... easier said than done!!!


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