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Day 21 progesterone test
« on: 30/09/15, 19:52 »
I have had 3 failed ivf. I have just had my day 21 test to make sure I'm still ovulating. My results came back as 93. Which shows I ovulated, however, is this Level too high?

Want to try a natural cycle. Still praying I will get pregnant naturally, but after 3 years I know this is very unlikely. Do these levels indicate a mature egg being released?

Thanks in advance 


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    Day 21 progesterone test
    « Reply #1 on: 11/08/17, 23:18 »

    Sorry to hear about your failed cycles, I had my first failed in January and to totally sucks!

    One (of many) results I had was 40 that my highest. Anything over 20 suggests ovulation, not sure if there's any detriment to having a very high number.  One would think that's super ovulation! Though I don't think the progesterone level is an indicator of how mature the egg is. I think that answer to that is related to the LH levels? I could be wrong

    Have you spoken to your GP?

    Interested to know keep us posted x