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Dear all,

Some of you may 'know' me already, some of you may not. My husband and I have suffered infertility for over two years and in this year of treatment we have had two miscarriages. One natural, one missed. I have been lucky enough to find a group of women online who are turning the feelings from their losses into something positive - raising more awareness around the 'real' stories. We are not an organisation or a charity, we are simply a group of women who would like to put our stories our there. We would also like to give others a chance to have a voice too.

In order to do this, we have compiled a survey which FF have very kindly let me share with you all. If you have had a loss, or if you know somebody who has had a loss, we would be more than grateful if you could fill this out.


If you have any questions on this please let me know. And thank you to Fertility Friends for allowing us to share - all answers will enable us to give more women (and men) the chance to speak out, and work towards crushing the taboo.

V. X


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