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ECV safe?
« on: 10/11/15, 13:08 »

I am 32 weeks pregnant and baby is currently breech. Plenty of time to turn yet, and I am doing specific exercises to try to make her turn. ^pray^

I have a high risk pregnancy due to bleeds, fluid loss, autoimmune thyroiditis and IVF.

ECV will be recommended at my 36 week consultant appointment, I've already been told that is what they will do, but I am not that keen. I'm not sure I think it is safe based on some crazy googling - logically, it doesn't sound too safe either. I'd rather have a c-section based on the consultant wanting to induce me early.

Anyway, else have any thoughts about ECV?

Part of me feels like I don't get much choice in my treatment anymore - just pushed in one direction. I suppose I feel like this because I have been through IVF and NHS recommendations are so different to private (= head f-*k, excuse the language).



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