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First iui Natural Cycle Diary
« on: 11/11/15, 19:01 »
Hi ladies. Currently on 11dpiui and I am going nuts. I have had a bunch of symptoms I don't usually have during this tww but all seemed to have disappeared and I am left with my usual AF symptoms, but even they seem a little early. Anyone had this before bfp?
Here's my symptoms.
Cd 13 had a positive opk 7:30am
Cd 14 booked in for iui 1pm but didn't get seen until 2:30pm. 31hours after surge detected.
Had to have a more sturdy catheter put in me as small one wouldn't go in. Sharp pain during procedure.
At about 8pm I felt so unwell. Had very bad cramps and felt nauseous.
1-3dpiui. Nothing
4dpiui. Bbs become very sore and tender to touch (unusual for me this early- usually get them closer to AF)
5dpiui shooting pain from right side across uterus. Happened twice that day. Very vivid dreams.
6-8dpiui. Feeling slightly nauseous, slight headache,  mild cramps. Bloated. More vivid dreams.
9dpiui. Boobs not as sore. Loss of appetite. Still dreaming.
10dpiui. Nothing. (slights cramps at bedtime). Still no appetite.
11dpiui. Mild boob pain. No appetite. Sniffley and slight groggy head ache (feels like I'm coming down with something). AF like cramps just started (6:30pm)


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