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Yep I'm on quite an immunology protocol - I have such high killer cell readings I will be on steroids, Clexane injections and intralipid infusions and all sorts

Seems sometimes like my body is telling me I'm not supposed to do this myself but gonna give it all I've got!


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    Hi Ali,

    Did they diagnose the immune issues as causing the problems for the no response / no eggs at EC on your cycles? Thanks for your reply on my other similar post too, i'm starting to wonder whether I should have more investigations. None of the clinics offered it though but I've noted from quite a lot of ladies on here that you really do have do the research and find the knowledge out yourself in order to ask for the right treatment...

    I'm really interested to hear about your cycle - please keep me posted? I'm going to keep my fingers and toes firmly crossed for you!! xxx

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    Hi girls!

    Thanks for the success stories! I should start my next cycle on Monday - if AF shows up! AF is currently 4 days late but not the good way! Is very handy tho because my clinic (going private after 2 failed / poor response NHS) is closed until Monday and didn't think I would be able to start until my next cycle

    My current query is did anyone have strange cycles? Mine used to be exactly every 28 days - every now and then I would get a random long or short cycle but only 1/2 days difference and only once ever 10/11 cycles - this time has got me worried that I might be going thru early menopause or not ovulating anymore - anyone else have blips in their cycle??

    Hi Ali, just to wish you lots of luck with your cycle. I started stims yesterday so looks like we might be cycle buddies if your cycle goes ahead as planned this month :)

    I think itís quite normal to get the odd fluctuation in cycle length - Iím not a Dr but I think itís only if your cycles are getting consistently shorter and / or more infrequent that it might be a cause for concernÖ

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    • TTC 1st child - Low AMH 2.61
    Low AMH - Could Clomid help without having IUI
    « Reply #13 on: 9/01/16, 20:43 »
    Hi all, it's wonderful to hear all these positive stories, it gives me so much hope.

    I'm hoping someone could provide some advice.  DH 38 and I 36 have been TTC for a year now without success and were referred in November to our local hospital for tests.  Long story short, results showed everything was normal for both of us except for my AMH which I was told was 2.61.  At the time (3 weeks ago) I didn't even know what AMH was let alone that I was being tested for it.  Anyway the registrar we saw was very matter of fact (I suppose they have to be) which didn't help and we were basically told the chances of success through IVF using my own eggs would only be 10% and we should look straight away at using a donor.  She also told us that as my partner has a teenage son from a previous relationship we are not entitled to funded treatment (which I kind of knew already) and that my next step would be to contact the private fertility centre as from a NHS point, they couldn't help and they were discharging me. This whole conversation lasted no more than 5 minutes and we came away from the hospital, in shock from the results and confused from the lack of explanation.  I did managed to ask in the short time we were there if it was still possible to conceive naturally and was told it was not impossible but highly unlikely. I asked if clomid may help us and was told that it wouldn't and we would have to pay for it anyway.

    That's my background (sorry to ramble on) and I now feel I'm kind of in limbo.  I've done so much searching on the internet that I'm now driving myself crazy if I'm honest.  My GP isn't an expert in fertility and having been discharged I don't know where to turn for advice.

    My question if anyone can help is ....

    Could clomid help us to conceive (naturally without IUI) or is this a waste of time and will it eat into my already low egg reserve. 

    I would be grateful for any advice you feel could help.


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    Hi Mrs SPV
    Sorry to hear you're currently navigating the whole AMH journey.  I was in a similar position to you earlier in 2015 when I found out I have a similar AMH to yours (at age 32) and no other knowns issues on my side or DH's.
    I knew nothing about AMH etc and found it very hard to deal with.  The only thing is that my clinic weren't as directive as yours about donor eggs and never mentioned it and said I would be candidate for IVF.  I'm about to begin my first IVF cycle at ARGC so i'm not a success story (yet?!) but I just wanted to say that there is definitely reason for you to be hopeful at this point and to look into clinics that have success stories with low AMH and successful outcomes with own eggs - and there are many!
    There are also other things that can help AMH a little and there may be reasons why the number is low so from my experience I'd try and stay confident and start researching clinics and experts to get some opinions (I find its best to chat to a range of people and find someone you trust and feel confident in).

    Hope that helps a little
    Rooftop x

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    Hi Mrs SPV,

    I could have written your post 4-5 years ago as your experience was almost exactly the same as mine - except your consultant seemed to have a bit more heart than mine. I was sent on my way and told it would be a miracle if I had my own children and that no hospital would treat me with an FSH of over 26. I found soon after that my AMH was 3.5 and was devastated, confused, lost and I really did crumble.

    But miracles do happen, and more frequently than our doctors might believe. I have twins using my own eggs. I actually got pregnant on my first IVF but miscarried and was 4th time lucky. I didn't produce a lot (successful round I only had 4 eggs and 3 embryos). And the younger you are the better your egg quality. I was 37 when I got pregnant and so all is not lost! Please keep positive. I do think that is half the battle...

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    • TTC 1st child - Low AMH 2.61
    Thank you both for replying, your comments are very helpful.  As much as I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, it is reassuring to know others understand what I'm going through and can share their experiences and provide priceless advice.   

    Nippo - congratulations on your gorgeous twins

    Rooftop - fingers, toes and everything else is crossed for you.

    I don't feel I'm at the stage to consider IVF just yet.  Maybe I'm being naÔve but I'm hoping there is still a chance I could conceive naturally but at the same time I am conscious time is ticking and my AMH is only going to get worse as I get older.  Oh there is just so much to think about my head is bursting. 

    I've started taking CQ 10, Royal Jelly and Maca amongst other supplements as I've read that these can improve egg quality, although the full cycle for an egg to mature is 90 days so I'm not expecting anything soon.

    Is it possible to take something like clomid without going down the IVF or IUI route, in other words could the RE prescribe it and monitor me through scans to see what happens?  I've read mixed reviews, some say its pointless because of the low AMH whilst others disagree.

    Thanks again for your help ladies

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    I am in absolute shock. At 43 with AMH 0.1 ng and fsh 14.5. Natural BFP on day 30. Now day 42
    For the last 6 months I was taking Chinese herbal medicine, micronised DHEA and all the recommended regular supplements.
    I was about to give up. It feels like a miracle for me.
    It is very early days and I know to carry full term a healthy baby will be miracle no 2.
    All I can say is don't give up hope for a long time yet and never miss a chance.
    I still can't understand how this has happened since my undetectable AMH would prompt most doctors to suggest donor egg
    Good luck and send my very best wishes to all ttc.

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    • TTC 1st child - Low AMH 2.61
    Sorry for the delayed response. Congratulations Macnally, I'm so very pleased for you and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    My consultant has been rubbish and basically discharged me as soon as I was given my results, (low amh 2.61 and all I got told regarding my fsh levels was that they are normal, whatever that means) as my DH has a son from a previous relationship.

    I really feel like I'm on my own now, nobody seems to what to help me unless I want to pay privately for DE IVF, which I'm not ready to even consider.

    Do you mind me asking you a couple of questions?

     - Did you get your Dhea privately or was it prescribed.  How much did you take (I've heard if your Dhea levels are not monitored it can have negative effects)
     - What other supplements did you take.  I'm currently taking the following daily 300mg Maca, 400mg CQ 10, 300mg Royal Jelly, one pre conception pregnacare, 75mg baby aspirin and 200g L'Arginine.
    - I don't really know much about Chinese herbal medicine.  You thoughts would be great.


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    hi,what chinese herbs did you take,glad you have been successful  :)