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IUI Journey...Gonal F / Ovitrelle
« on: 15/11/15, 19:02 »
So... Here goes my IUI diary. Been dithering about doing this and as tomorrow is IUI day I'll go back over the last few weeks...
Prior to starting I had a HyCoSy which was all fine and my AMH level is 27 so a good number.

Day 1 was on my birthday!!!! thanks AF.
Day 3 I started on 50mg of Gonal F. Injections were surprisingly fine, didn't feel a thing!
3 scans followed with the first showing 4 follicles. 2 at 10mm and 2 at 8mm.
2nd scan was 1 at 14 and another at 11 and some smaller ones.
3rd scan was one at 18 and another at 11.5 and some smaller ones so it's all relying on the one 18mm.
Triggered with Ovitrelle on day 12 and IUI on Day 14 at 3pm. Watch this space.

As I write this it is Day 13 and I have had low back ache all day with a little nausea thrown in for good measure. Not sure if this is what Ovitrelle does. Also been so tired this week- again not sure if it's the Gonal F or just the emotion of the whole thing. I think I'm pretty chilled out and going with the flow but it's always at the back of your mind as there is always some appointment in the diary. Looking forward to tomorrow being over now and then have time off from injecting and scans. I'm also running out of excuses for popping out of work...!


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