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A-Z of Complementary Therapists


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Hi Ladies

Here's a list of different web sites which should help you find therapists in your area. I would always ask them if they are trained in dealing with people under going fertility treatment.

Hope this list is of help to you all ~ should you find any web site addresses which you would like to be added please send me a PM

Emma xx

A-Z of complementary therapists


Link to British Acupuncture council

Find acupuncturists in your area


The Aromatherapy Council

Link to the Bach remedies web site


Link to a list of Registered Therapists who are qualified and insured in different therapies( E.g massage-reiki ectů.)

Institute of Complementary Medicine

Emotional Freedom Techniques  which  leads on to  further  info  to



Search for local registererd herbalists - National Institute of Medical Herbalists


Web site with info about homeopathic medication

British Homeopathic Association

The Homeopathic Medical Association   - To find qualified registered and insured homeopaths to consult regarding fertility treatment.

Society of Homeopaths


The Hypnotherapy Association



Link to info and a list of instructors in baby/infant massage

The Shiatsu Society


The General Council & Register of Naturopaths


General Osteopathic Council


List of Registered Therapists who are qualified and insured in Reflexology

Association of Reflexologists

British Reflexology Association


Link to info on Reiki


The British Wheel of Yoga

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One of the absolute best sites to use for ALL therapies is

You can find any therapist in your area and it gives website links, qualifications etc

It also gives details of therapy centres in your area where there are lots of therapists specialising.  And there are therapists around now who specialise in fertility.

Hope this helps someone

H x


Thanks for posting the British Acupuncture Council site where I found a great acupuncturist. He has recommended two others sites to find those who have post graduate training in fertility treatment.

The Acupuncture Fertility Network - a national group of therapists involved in fertility treatment

Well known author / therapist has recently started an affiliated network of therapist for those who cant get to her clinic.


Great stuff, I'm all for pulling out all the stops and using anything that will help.

I have found acupuncture really helpful.

Theta Healing is another therapy which helps with fertility. This website has information about using Theta healing and hypnosis to aid fertility, it all has a list of practitioners who have trained to specialise in fertility. (Of which I am one.)

Whatever you choose I would recommend going with a practitioner who you feel comfortable with, just like you would change your doctor if you didn't get on with them, alternative therapists are no different in that you need to gel with them. The process is much more effective if you do.




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