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homeopathy and IVF
« on: 5/12/15, 20:24 »
Has anyone used homeopathy while or before an IVF cycle and has it helped win anyway or resulted in a pregnancy?  I have two failed IVF cycles and now getting treatment from an homeopath.  Just wanted to compare notes.


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    homeopathy and IVF
    « Reply #1 on: 6/12/15, 10:00 »
    I haven't used homeopathy but I dos have acupuncture. It helps with a good lining - I've always ha d a triple stripe - and can help with egg quality too.
    Good luck


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    homeopathy and IVF
    « Reply #2 on: 8/01/16, 12:21 »
    Hi Mrs Courage

    My landscaped gardner and his wife (don't ask how we got on to the subject!?) - he was having homeopathy treatment with two ladies in West Wickham, Kent and he highly recommended them - both he and his wife had been trying for a baby for some time with no success following a miscarriage - with the treatment they fell pregnant and recently had their baby boy.......also his sister had IVF and had the treatment alongside and again highly recommended it......

    I think all I would say with IVF and any other form of treatment is just research and take the advice of your clinic with regard to any possible reactions or any medications etc. - goes without saying I know as you probably have already through of that - but that's the only thing that I would check - but other than that from recommendations I have had seems like its worth a shot.

    I am currently looking into acupuncture again as want to give this cycle everything (we are having IVF this summer).

    Good luck with it all

     ^hugme^ ^pray^