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Hi everyone,

Firstly I hope I'm on the correct section of FF if not I apologise.

Where to start, myself and my wife have just found out today our 2nd round of ICSI failed.

We are having to go through ICSI due to fertility issues with myself, I caught mumps when I was a teen and this has effected my sperm production where the only way of retrieving sperm is with Mtese.

My wife has been told she is and was our first round fit, healthy and "should" respond well to the meds and have a good number of eggs.

Our first round of treatment she had her buserelin injections on a evening, and also the menpour at the same time. This gave us 9 follicles of correct size where we got 5 mature eggs and 2 fertilised. This cycle unfortunately failed.

After being on hormone tablets for the last year to try and improve my sperm count, my surgeon agreed to perform the procedure again and look to find more viable useable sperm.

The 2nd attempt came around and after speaking to our nurse about improving egg count we decided to do the injections on a morning and we were given extra meds to start a couple of day early to see if it would make a difference.

Our scans came round and were told on all occasions that my wife had responded well and we had some great sized follicles. 21 in total 4 of which were above 22mm and the rest abovr the 14mm requirement for possible eggs.

Egg collection came and from the 21 sutiblly sized follicles we were told only............. 2 had mature eggs.

My wife is, there words, fit healthy and should respond well, to only come out with 10% of follicles with eggs in is very disheartening.

She is 30 years of age with s number of years ahead of her before the menapause we hoped for better results.

I'm sorry that the post is quite long, and probably goes off topic but I don't know who else to ask and would like your opinion of the situation.

Should we have had more mature eggs in the follicles and is this down to human error or just sheer bad luck?

Thank you


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    Offline GD

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    Have we been fobbed off........ please help.
    « Reply #1 on: 11/12/15, 14:10 »
    The reason the thread is titled the way it is, is because our clinic told us that sometimes follicles don't contain eggs even if they are of size, and its nothing anyone could have done about it.

    Again thank you

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    Have we been fobbed off........ please help.
    « Reply #2 on: 12/12/15, 08:19 »
    Hi GD

    so sorry for your BFN and poor response

    It is correct that not every follicle will contain an egg but your wife's numbers are quite extreme,  however,  to me, triggering at 14mm sounds a tad early. 

    How many days did your wife use menopur? What dose was she on? Has she got any issues like PCOS or low AMH?

    With the extreme numbers it sounds like maybe she didn't stimulate long enough (possibly her dose was too high) and triggered too soon

    It sounds like your clinic listened to your concerns from your first cycle and adjusted her dose so I think you can trust them to give you an answer regarding what went wrong.

    Sorry I can't give you any definitive answers.  You might find this thread useful to give you some pointers for your follow up:


    Good luck - I hope you get the answers you need


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    Have we been fobbed off........ please help.
    « Reply #3 on: 12/12/15, 12:53 »
    Hi GD,

    So sorry to read about the low mature egg count :( I'm in a situation with a low egg reserve... but I was always told that they expect 50% + 1 of the follicles to contain mature eggs (so in your case of 21 follicles, that calculation would bring us to 11 or 12 mature eggs). In my case, that was always the case. In rare cases I even got all 6 follicles to contain mature eggs (since I am a poor responder, I never got more than 6 follicles). This was when using an estrogen priming protocol. I would then start taking estrogen at the end of my cycle, and stopping it when I started stimming at day 1 or 2 of my cycle. The doctor explained that it would get all the eggs for the next month in line to get an even riping process.
    Like Angelica said, 15 mm is quite small to start the trigger... Usually they wait for 19-20 mm... but of course, we are not doctors and haven't seen the blood work, maybe the blood work gave reason to trigger at that time...
    Good luck on your next ICSI!!

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    Have we been fobbed off........ please help.
    « Reply #4 on: 8/01/16, 23:40 »

    I had a donor cycle where my donor produced 11 eggs but only 5 were mature, they took her to EC after 8 days of stimms and I asked did they call it too soon but they said her lead ones were getting too big so they had to make a decision to go then or they could of lost the bigger ones and the smaller ones never caught up

    I think with them growing at such different rates you would of only had a certain % of them within the middle range on the chart, they tend to record them on a graph and they move up the paper as they grow and they try to get as many as possible in the shaded area at once that's usually 16-18 ideally but when some went too big they must have decided to trigger

    Not sure how they get round that but I guess only a % of the follicles were ever in the running