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Speedy first time labour
« on: 26/06/14, 15:29 »
So I was awoken with period type pain at 08:30 on 19/05/14 on our due date but as I had random period pains throughout pregnancy I didn't think a lot of it, the pains continued into the afternoon so I decided to use my contraction timer app on my phone, if nothing else it would help pass some time they were lasting anything from 2-8 minutes and were on average 45 seconds apart but as they weren't getting any closer together and the pain wasn't getting any worse I thought it couldn't be contractions as everyone had told me 'when they are true contractions you WILL know' I couldn't stop weeing from early afternoon but just thought baby had changed positions and was pushing on my bladder.

OH got home from work at 18:15 and after asking how his day was I told him I had been getting random period pains all day, he told me to phone labour ward but as I genuinely didn't think they were contractions I decided not to, we ate tea and them I had a bath (reshaved legs and bits- just incase) then at 23:00 OH convinced me to phone labour ward even though pains were still random, the midwife I spoke to said it sounded like early labour and advised me to have a bath and take some paracetamol, I waited until 12:30 then took some paracetamol to take the edge off.

03:30 pains had got a bit worse so labour ward advised us to go in to be examined, I was dreading this, not for the fact of being examined but incase I got there to be told it was just braxton hicks or that I wouldn't be dialated at all...I was 3cm dialated, i then lost my mucas plug within a couple of minutes, the joy I felt was immense.  We had the option of going for a walk or going home so we opted to go home.

We tried to have a doze but there was no chance for me so I left OH in bed and came downstairs as I found it easier to walk around the livingroom than lay down, at 06:00 (just over an hour after we got home) I woke OH to tell him I felt we needed to go back to labour ward as I wanted some pain relief, we got there about 06:30 and was examined- I was 3-4cm dialated so hadn't really progressed much but midwife said she was happy to give me some gas and air which I was grateful for she then advised us she was happy for me to get in the birthing pool if I wanted-I thought they would have made me wait at least another couple of hours before letting me get in so in I got without hesitation- it was lush, instant relief!

08:00 midwife handed over to her colleague and I overheard her saying she thought I was now 4cm-what??!! I thought how can I cope...this pain Willet so much worse over the next 6cm then there's the pushing...so I asked for some pethidene/diamorph but she was reluctant to give me any at that point she advised me that she would examine me out of the pool at 08:30 if I wanted then we would look at pain relief-it was 08:10 at this point but I said no I need a wee so ill get out now go to the toilet then you can examine me, so I nipped to the toilet then she examined me...I was 9.5cm dialated-no wonder I was in pain but I wasn't allowed any other pain relief as it was now too late, she had just taken her gloves off after examining me and I said I needed to push she advised me to use the gas and air and not push as I wasn't 10cm yet but my body took over and started pushing I had no control it was bizarre, our beautiful baby girl arrived at 08:21, such a speedy delivery that when she was placed on my chest by a gloveless midwife who didnt have time to put some on I was still in shock and was just staring at her until my OH asked me if I was ok then I realised what had just happened and then I had the biggest beam on my face which is still there 5 weeks on an nothing will rub it off not even the complete lack of sleep or receiving a letter last week telling me my job has ben placed at risk lol!


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    Speedy first time labour
    « Reply #1 on: 27/06/14, 15:48 »
    Lovely story xx

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    Speedy first time labour
    « Reply #2 on: 14/12/16, 17:02 »
    Thanks for your story.