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FSH Vs. More LH
« on: 4/01/16, 06:29 »
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share the results of my last 2 cycles with you. Now I'm convinced that a change in protocol could make a huge difference.
I had a low AMH, 1.1 and my FSH last time was 10.

In my first cycle, my stimming protocol included: pergoveris and then gonal f. 11 eggs retrieved, 9 fertilized, but only 1 hatching blast on day 5 and the rest were either morulas or few cells.

In my second cyle, I had elonova for the first 4 days and then added 300 menopur. 11 eggs retrieved, even though I started with only 5 AFC, 8 embryos, and on day 5, 5 blasts, 3 of which were hatching! + 1 cavitating morula and 1 morula.

If I'm having another cycle I would certainly demand a similar protocol.



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