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ARGC ICSI Diary 2016, Male Factor and then Immunes
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Oh gosh - I haven't updated this diary in nearly 2.5 years! Apologies!

I had quite an eventful twin pregnancy (hyperemesis the entire pregnancy, heavy bleeding and near the end obstetric cholestasis)!
Even so, my beautiful daughters (DCDA twins) arrived in November 2016 at 37 weeks exactly via an elective c-section - my youngest daughter was breech and I was never going to attempt a natural delivery (although my consultant tried to advise me otherwise)!
They were very healthy thankfully and didn't need any time in SCBU after birth.
So I i just wanted to update this diary with the outcome - which of course was the best ever!

Our girls are nearly 2 now and are thriving and so so cheeky and beautiful.
The happiness they have bought into our lives I can't even begin to describe. We will be eternally grateful to the entire team at the ARGC.

So wherever you may be in your TTC journey reader - I hope our story can give you some hope in those dark moments.  :)


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