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Hi Everyone
We are considering another round of treatment - I am 42 and had my last ICSI with ARGC in London last Feb with immunes which was a BFN.  Having now changed jobs and taken 4 months off to de-stress I am trying to pluck up the courage to go again but want to be certain of the real experiences of ladies who have cycled with Manchester Fertility and Hewitt.  I had my first successful ICSI at Manchester Care in 2010 but when I went back for a consultation last year (after the failed ARGC) the consultant said that I didn't have an immunes problem and that for my age group a realistic success rate would be 6-8% (which is not what the HFEA results show of 17-18%).  I also had a failed FET in 2014 so not sure if I should try them again.
I have spoken to Manchester Fertility but the lady on the phone was new and said that their success rates were 25% - when I asked if that was live birth or just pregnancy she said that its the same figure. However, HFEA shows a result of 8-10%.
Hewitt have a satellite clinic about 2 miles from me and they have just innovated EEVA which sounds helpful in selecting the right embryo to put back.  However, it doesn't seem to have much coverage on fertility friends as to their success.
If any of you are able to share your experiences and especially those that are in my age group I would be really appreciative.
We had looked at Serum in Athens for donor egg but my husband has gone off the idea - therefore persuading him to go down own egg route would help if I can back up with some real experiences.
Thanks in advance


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    Hi Jess, sorry to hear you've not had any luck so far. I've had one cycle of IVF at the Hewitt centre (one fresh and one FET). They are really lovely and efficient but the approach does feel a little 'generic' and like you are in a conveyor belt!

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    Hi Jess,

    I have just cycled at Manchester fertility. I think it might be a good idea to attend their open day - this feb one might be booked. But next one is 10th March which is round the corner. I think I have had good experience so far...my cycle didn't end up in a transfer though because of high progesterone levels which they prewarned me about. I think I know which lady you spoke to - she is new. She doesn't know anything, but she is helpful. I would say Manchester fertility are really good at getting back to you and a really long history...I didn't  believe them when they said we would just be having normal simple Ivs over Icsi, and we have ended up with 3 polar bears, so I a waiting for the drugs to leave my body and settle, so I can my Fet in a 8 weeks...

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    Hi I'm an X Hewitt patient my lo was made there. My cycle was 2012 I had 2 excellent blasts fresh transfer bfn, did my fet 18 months later and was shocked that it worked I was under the impression fets were 10% chance of success and basically a waste of time but as part of my funded cycles had to be used before the next fresh. Sorry I waffle a lot

    At the time of my cycle embryoscope was new at the Hc and was an additional cost of 800 which I wasn't prepared to pay when they had no facts and figures. I'm going to say here hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I first joined ff in 2011 looking for info on Ivf at the Hc and found the Liverpool Women's thread. It's still running now only it's really quiet over there. The hc have their own pages on social media that give information out daily and there is also support evenings held at the hospital monthly which are gaining in popularity. Anyway in 2011 I watched away as members of the Lwh thread went through their cycles, while I was in limbo land waiting for tests/results /more tests and it was uncommon for patients to get frosties and if they did it was likely only 1 or 2, due to the strict guidelines they have on what they consider good enough to freeze.

    Fast forward to 2014/15 and embryoscope has been joined by eeva is now included in every cycle at no extra cost and more patients are having embies that make the grade for freezing and not just in 1's and 2's. Some have more than half a dozen. I can't rate hc highly enough, it may be a conveyor belt journey to some but for me I always felt like I was cared for and important to them when I was sat in an appointment.

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    Hi Jess

    I cycled at Care and can't fault them, was also impressed with MFS when I visited.

    Also just wanted to point out that the reason we are often given lower success rates then the ones they show is they are taking into account our specific history, my friend got given 75% chance with her blast and me 35-45% with a similar grade, reason being it was her second cycle and first gave her her DS and mine was cycle 4 with 2 BFNs, 1 cancelled and a MMC

    Good luck!

    L x

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    Hi everyone
    Thanks for all your advice and help. I've just come out of my appointment at Care Manchester with Dr Sedler who treated us on our 1st ivf which resulted in our DD.
    To be honest I wished we had come straight back here and not even bothered with ARGC and Serum as he based all the conversation on actual biological and scientific stats. He said I didn't need any immunes a treatment as I'd already had a successful live birth and for my age the best option would be to do pre-implantation chromosome screening to only put back normal healthy embryo(s). Although the chance of finding one is only 5% doing the testing at day 5 and then freezing and letting my body recover and adjust from the hormones gives me the same results for a live birth (with 0% miscarriage) as a younger woman. So I think I've prepared myself that the battle will be to get a healthy embryo but at least I won't have the stress and worry after its put back around the high chance of miscarriage or other chromosome issues. So, we're planning to start in the next 1-2 months and give it maybe 2 rounds. Then move onto donor egg. I felt he gave us very honest advice based on science and it's actually stopped me from beating myself up that my body is going to attack a heathy embryo or my stress levels and how healthy I feel is down to the poor implantation rates we've had. He did remind me that 1 in 3 ivf treatments is normal and that's what we are on currently. So I'm feeling very positive that we've made the right choice of clinic for us at this moment in time.
    Thanks again
    Good luck to you all in your journeys ;-)