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Natural Fertility.com Fertility Cleanse
« on: 10/02/16, 08:36 »
Hi ladies

We are embarking on our IVF treatment this year over at Serum in Greece - we are hoping to have our cycle in June time over there - so are currently preparing over here in the UK.

As you will see from my signature below we are not first timers and have had several failed cycles.

I have heard a lot about naturalfertility.com - and in particular their Fertility Cleanse - I understand they ship to the UK - although on looking into it the Fertility Cleanse pack and postage will come to 115 - and then customs could possibly charge a fee on top (possibly!?)

Has anyone used this fertility cleanse at all? or have you used a fertility cleanse programme over here in the UK at all?

Any views etc. welcome......just thinking maybe sounds like a very good idea to give my body a complete de-tox cleanse before proceeding with our final cycles at Serum.

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    Natural Fertility.com Fertility Cleanse
    « Reply #1 on: 7/05/17, 09:43 »
    Hi Natdragonfly, I've just seen your post so this may be a bit late now!

    I've tried the cleanse and it was ok (not cheap with coming from the US). I don't know if it helped or not, as all my pregnancies have been MC's but I'm sure looking after your body and nutrition is very important. I'm still trying to reduce sugar, which is one of the worst things for inflammation etc. TBH I think you can probably get a cheaper cleanse/detox here or buy the herbs yourself. Don't forget some herbs shouldn't be taken during or before ivf, so best to do it a couple of months beforehand if you can. Arvigo abdominal fertility massage is also recommended by Natural Fertility.com - I've tried that too and I think using a castor oil pack or just to massage your own stomach may be just as beneficial. You can probably watch videos that show you how to do it (i bought one from the company)

    Good luck x