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Hi ladies

As I am desperate to get an answer for my infertility probs, I met a couple of different consultants abroad and showed them my IVF history -  essentially 3 failed fertilisation cycles with ICSI, despite decent age, very good AMH and ok-ish FSH. We know there is a mild male factor but they seem to be doing enough to get good ones for ICSI. So, it is likely eggs are to be blamed and the latest(independent from each other) each consultant suggested I may have some receptor polymorphism on my eggs which means when stimulated, it does not respond to meds properly and causes eggs that develop to be rubbish. There is no way to test for this but it means I can do a million cycles and hope for some good ones or just move on to donor eggs.

There is little I can find on the internet about infertility/this receptor polymoprhism stuff/testing for it. So any help from you wonderful ladies will be much appreciated!


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