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Hi ladies,

I told you I wasn't very good and keeping up with this thread, I was still on page 100!! So have had lots to catch up on, but I do like reading up on everyone.

Thank you all for your advise, it really helps to actually speak to people that have had to make all these arrangements etc.

We have decided to stay with the clomid and hope the clinic knows best and just keep our fingers crossed :-)

We are booking our flight out on CD 11 so if I need a scan out there I can have it in the afternoon
I hope that works with the clinic.

I think there must be some kind of event going on in October as I just looked at hotels and they are 300/400 euros a night for the first week in October !!!

Currently struggling to get my meds as asda have now decided they won't take the emailed prescription that the clinic sent me, so now waiting for them to post me the original, hopefully it will be here in time and asda won't have any problems getting the meds as need to start in 3 weeks!!

Hope you are all keep well :-) and congrats on those BFPs and scans :-) good luck for those testing soon.



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    HHTTC the original came through pretty quick, I'd say less than a week. So you should be fine. Can Asda order the meds in preparation using the scanned copy, then you give them the original when you collect?

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    Kittykatkins - grrr, your work's attitude has really annoyed me  ^bigbad^ (probably because I have my af!). It's funny though, how every employer reacts differently to it.

    HHTTC - My prescriptions usually take about a week to come through, you should be OK.

    Hi everyone! Happy Thursday  :)

    AFM - AF is here with a vengeance  :o work colleague announced pregnancy today...one of those days! Now I just want to get back to Brno to bring our frostie home. Thinking of starting meds with October AF which would make transfer mid November... back up to Sussex for a family wedding this weekend...

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