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estradiol per mature egg?
« on: 12/08/16, 15:04 »
Hi all, I hope someone can help urgently please.  My follicle is 17.mm and my estradiol is 421 pmol/l which I believe is 111 in that other measurement. I read it needs to be 200 for an egg to be mature. Do you think my egg is therefore not mature?

Also my Lh is 4.5 what does that mean (on cd10). Is this high or low for cd10? I definitely haven't ovulate and don't think am close.

I am undecided if I should do a natural ivf this cycle but if I do then am concerned that my egg won't be mature. I have an immature egg problem .

PS.  Clinic wanted to trigger today on cd10 and I said no. They moved to tomorrow but how can e2 increase from 111 to 200 in a day? I am worried it's top early but I don't want to lose the egg


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