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New Home Ladies. Please remember site rules. Please don't make multiple posts, one after each other. If you've forgotten to say something use the modify button. Happy chatting  :)

Any queries, please feel free to PM me   :)

Cheesy xxx

Old thread here :

That's great Mamai! I'm sure you're eagerly awaiting your results. You'll have to let us know how you get on, it's highly likely you'll both have good results so that should offer you the chance for both of you to carry each others child at some stage which is lovely x

Hi girls,

Had my scratch this morning with Dr Traub, who was lovely as always. Was feeling nervous about it as there seemed to be plenty of reviews saying how uncomfortable it was.. Thankfully it went okay and hardly felt a thing!
Started Norethisterone today so finally feel like we're on ur way now... Excited but nervous!

Hope everyone is doing okay :)

That's great yogi! There are a lot of mixed reviews about scratches, so it's good to hear the positive side!

Leprechaun- sounds like your review went well. Starting wildly round!

I'm currently on day 10 of downregulating and am impatiently waiting on AF. I have had minimal side effects from DR- a few spots on day 3/4 which are now fading, some headaches the first day or two and literally nothing else. I could say tiredness, but I probably feel no more tired than I did a month ago!

I'm going to phone clinic tomorrow to see what they advise re missing AF, as I have read that prostap only lasts 28 days, so don't want a second injection or more drugs due to long delay in starting stimms!

Glad all went well with scratch Yogamini, if my next go is unsuccessful I defo would like to have scratch the next time round so it's great to know it wasn't too painful. Can't believe your on northisterone and all. Everything crossed for you!

Taz glad to hear you're not having too many side effects, hope af shows up for you soon! Unfortunately because I wasn't on that protocol I don't know much about it but I hope the clinic will advise u. Good luck and keep us posted.

Mamai, if memory serves me right they will tell u what blood tests you need for cycling at consultation. They won't give you a list of appointments you can just make those any time. I can't remember when my rubella was done but my chlamydia was done at the rfc. I would just make an appointment to see the nurse for those. Hope that helps.

 Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm off to salou tomorrow :)


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