* Author Topic: Experiences? Trying to decide between Reprofit, Serum, Invicta, Create /OE IVF  (Read 2358 times)

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Hi - I'm in brno at the moment. Waiting to hear if my 1 egg has matured - it hadn't yesterday so seems unlikely. How very lucky anyone over 40 is to have any success. Is it the clinic or is it their body? I feel very low and that it's all been a waste of time and money especially as I have lots of drugs leftover- worth over 100 that I was over prescribed...

I had my eyes wide open - reprofit said only 10% chance of success with OE but I somehow really hoped I'd be in that 10%

PS I'm 42 and had an AMH of 15


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    I used Reprofit - 1st ICSI cycle failed in June, but 2nd cycle (PICSI) succeeded with 2 embryos put back - I am 8 weeks pregnant at the moment. I am 40, (41 in November) and had AMH of 17.5 in Feb 2015, when I was last tested.  I assumed it was all down to my age / high bmi initially - but actually my husbands sperm needed help.  PICSI worked for us.  Reprofit were great. There are also a LOT cheaper than many other places and publish all their pricing on their website.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to respond and for sharing your experiences of Reprofit.  I really appreciate the insight - and the success stories.

     moonstone5985 - I really, really hope that yours was the egg that could!   From what I hear, all cycles are different and your body could respond very differently to a different protocol in a different month.  Your AMH is so high that there are still eggs in there that can work... it is so hard, I know.  I wish you all the best in finding that golden egg <3