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Hi Zph - I had to have pre-checks before the hysteroscopy (due to age) so I was over there for 2 days. The check up is done in the same building as Reprofit, but not with the clinic. It's a bit of a weird/funny experience - anyone who read back to Mutti's post about this way back will remember lol! So, they do basic tests (like a health check in the UK - breathing etc) but also an ECG (so make sure you're not wearing skin tight trousers with knee-length socks on (as Mutti was  ;D). It doesn't take long at all and they give you a report that you have to take in to Reprofit the next day. Oh, I also had to have (what felt like) several pints of blood (actually just 4 syringes!) of blood taken the day before as well - this was done by Reprofit. That was good as I asked them to check my blood type out at the same time, so I now know what that is :-)

Next day you go to the floor below the one we usually go to at the clinic - I didn't shave my vag (just thought I'd mention that!) but I had a Dr who only spoke German and looked a bit old and letchy (great) but the nurse reassured me he was brilliant. He did an internal scan, then I had to wait about for ages before the hysto which was pretty quick. It was along the same lines as the EC, go in, legs akimbo, knocked out, wake up back in the room. I had more bleeding than I've had with EC though (tmi but I actually felt it flowing out in surges!). I didn't feel too bad afterwards but wouldn't have wanted to have flown home that day, I was happy to have an early night there as I felt tired (and I'd taken leave off with my Mum so wasn't in a rush). I had to wait almost an hour between my scan and the hysto. just bear that in mind and bring a book!

It is a bit confusing with payments. Czk directly to the Dr's office who do the ECG etc (I had a throaty older lady Dr, another lady doing ECG and a girl sat at a ridiculously tiny desk typing away as the Dr dictated to her...very bizarre compared to the NHS!), then euro payments to the finance office at Reprofit (twice, once for bloods, once for hysto). I hope that all makes sense?!


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    Thanks girls,
     Well I'm feeling more crampy down below since yesterday, I really hope I'm not going to overstim. Scan is first thing in the morning.  Gosh, I used a moxi stick to try and help lining, the acupuncturist gave it to me and the whole house stinks!! ^shake^ 

    How is everyone? 

    Lolly, I wouldn't go the double trigger- ohss is terrible and if you ask me drastically effects egg quality.  I'm sure the one dose is enough.

    MITM- We're flying out Sunday  :)  Is anyone else there next week??

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    Lolly - how big have your follies been at trigger, have you had a big difference in their sizes?
    Rather than putting yourself at risk of ohss which can be a really serious condition would it not be possible to stim an extra day or so to help the immature eggs mature?? It might not be possible if youve got a big difference in their sizes as you could lose the bigger ones which might have been the best but it could be a safer option x

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    Toffeepop my follicles on my cycles have always been largest around 21 and then a lot at 20,19,18 smaller ones at 16,17. It's because I end up with about 20 plus follicles on each side. 😳 I dunno what to do for the best the ohss scares me but I was also disappointed with immature eggs. Could orgulutran affect egg maturity? Xx

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    hay girls! well I went  ^bigbad^ on them again I completely lost it and they have finally buckled, I get my scans for free and I have been given clexane and prednisolone so question - what do I have to take and when? she hasn't given me any instructions just got a script for 20mg/day clexane and 5mgs a day prednisolone is this right for FET and when do I have to start them? they wont give me intralipids unless I pay for the tests first
    also where do I get them from??

    thanks for all the advice girls xx

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    Lolly, if you have around 40 follicles no way would I do a double trigger! It's too much of a risk. I'm surprised they are triggering you with hcg at all. Maybe that's why they wanted you to get the diphereline as that can be used as a trigger in women with severe ohss. Orgalutran won't affect maturity.

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    Hey lolly, definitely no double trigger with so many follicles, I know of someone who was hospitalised for quite some time after doing so. Great to have so many follicles though!

    Alex I did the quenby biopsy and they tell you take any pred if you need it from embryo transfer onwards.  I took 0.4 clexane from day after egg collection.

    Tara good luck with your scan.

    So far no af which is great so not coming that early and my dp will be back from his trip for ec.  But it needs to arrive over the weekend ideally so my ec doesn't fall over my trade show (and not later). So I need it to arrive 3 days earlier than normal. Can I make it come earlier by taking high dose vitamin c and parsley tea, or did this only work when it's late in order to get you to menstruate at all?

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