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Advice needed - difficult decision at 41
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Hi Rosejoy

I'm so sorry for your losses and the dilema you have now.  I think unfortunately only you can know what the right choice is for you and your personal situation, have you considered counselling to help you make that choice? My story is not the same as your but has some similar elements, so I can empathise with the situation you found yourself in.

My husband and I took 8 years on our journey, after 5 years, aged 39 and having had 4 miscarriages I was broken, my issue was immune problems part of the treatment being aspirit & clexane. But also my age. I didn't think I could take any more but knew I couldn't give up trying & went to a counsellor who really helped me get my head straight in only a handful of sessions. When I got pregnant again I felt stronger and ready to deal with whatever happened.  That pregnancy gave me my son just before I turned 40, I went on to have a further miscarriage at 41 & my daughter at 42.  In trying for my 2nd I knew the risks of miscarrying was high by needed to do it for me personally I coukdnt take the risk of not trying and looking back in years to come and regretting it.  I had given myself a deadline if I wasn't pregnant by 42 I would give up and also IVF was not something I wanted.

Every story is different and everyone is different but thought it may be useful to share one that has echoes of yours.

Good luck with your decision


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