* Author Topic: Countries and Clinics for Single Women over 40 (OE and DE, plus DS)  (Read 589 times)

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Hi All,

I'm new to this thing and would really greatly appreciate your help.

I'm seeking treatment as a single parent over the age of 40. Plan is to use own eggs if still viable and failing that, donor eggs. So, really I need places that can do Tandem cycles. I want to identify which countries  and clinics will provide services to someone of my age. Ideally, as soon as possible, as I have been trekking this fertility road a number of years, failing to get anywhere. It's a minefield. Hopefully, this post will be very useful to others later.

Many thanks for your help!



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    Try team miracle at Cyprus - u can email them to discuss it all.

    I've just done de/ds and currently 8+6 first attempt! Single and 40 soon

    Good luck x

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    Like bluestone said Cyprus does tandem cycles.
    Though you should be aware that success rate for tandem is  lower than for de due to difficulties in syncing two cycles.
    But most clinics (where de and oe are allowed for trf in one cycle) do so called combo cycle. Where you freeze embyryos from your donor cycle and transfer next period when you do your fresh cycle.
    But that would require two trips. I appreciate it much more hassle etc.

    Serum does clomid embryo banking, so likely to do combo cycles as well.
    I am planning on combo cycle next year in Russia. As got couple of oe embryos frozen and plus DS from my successful cycle there. Would highly recommend my clinic but appreciate that travelling to Russia might not be to everybody' taste.