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Hi everyone, really looking for some reassurance and positive vibes.
I went through IVF in 2013 and was super lucky, on my 1st attempt got a BFP and now I have a cheeky but gorgeous little boy who is nearly 3. I have decided to try for baby no2 (as a 41 year old single mum) but when I went for my scan after 7 days of stims (long protocol) I only had 4 follicles on my left (2x10mm, 2x6mm) and 2 on my right (14mm and 6mm). They have upped my meds menopur 300 / gonal f 75 but did say that this cycle might be cancelled due to low follicle count and uneven growth. I go back for a scan on Monday, that will be day 12 of stims. They will only do EC if there are 3 follies that are the right size... ahhh.
I am super nervous that it will be cancelled, just really hope my body does it's job.
Does anyone have experience of this, should I be super worried?


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