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My Diary - Finally a mummy...
« on: 30/09/16, 16:11 »
Hi Diary
Just setting you up at the moment! Will write soon I promise but first I need to close off my treatment diary...
Turia xxx


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    So sorry dear diary for taking so long, you will soon read why!
    Turia x

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    Dear Diary

    October has been a hell of a month.

    It started off brilliantly with Baby T's first birthday.  He was just getting over a cold but had a great day. 

    My OH was a bit against doing anything big, "he's not going to remember anyway" but gave in.  My birthday (49!) was just 3 days later and he had asked me what I wanted for my birthday, "A wee party for Baby T"

    So Sunday 2nd saw family round for an afternoon of presents, food and wine and Baby T and his 4 year old cousin laughed and giggled all day.

    The following Friday was his one year immunisations, and I had the unpleasant task of taking him along.  I was struggling to keep him on my lap (he kept sliding down) and hold his arms at the same time.  One of the nurses barked at me.  ^bigbad^  Just then, in went the needles into his arms, out went Baby T's arm pushing mine right into the face of the bad tempered nurse.   Oops!

    But he was a trooper, cried only for a couple of minutes and then was fine.  We went shopping, then home for lunch and then off to the park but by then he was flagging.  Only wanting cuddles instead of help with wanting to try and walk.

    The whole weekend he was out of sorts and then his cold came back with a vengeance, this time bringing a racking cough.

    At this point I must give an apology to all mum's out there.  During all my years of infertility, I always wondered why mum's just let their kids have a snotty nose.  "Didn't they care enough to wipe them", I niaively wondered.  Now of course I appreciate that getting anywhere near the nose of Baby T is a battle of wills that usually results in more tears and therefore more snot so I am always on the losing side.  He starts hiding his face as soon as he sees a paper tissue.

    About 12 days later on the Wednesday, came the first night of hell.  He had had a brilliant day as we had lunch out with my Aunt so there were lots of giggles, and lots of mess.  Resulting of course with me spilling a Diet Coke all down my cream trousers right in front of a bunch of new mum's looking perfect and managing to eat their lunches despite having newborns to look after.  Then suddenly, just after we dropped my aunt home, he woke up crying.  The crying continued once home and seemed to worsen.  I first put it down to over tiredness but then realised it was a cry of pain from teething.  Cue a dose of Calpol.  He slept for a while, missing tea and just having a bottle instead.  But just shy of the 4 hours he needed another dose at 11pm.

    This was not like him.

    The next day he was off his food, a known side effect of the immunisations but that Thursday night he had a high temperature so more Calpol and no sleep for Mummy as he slept in my arms on the chair.

    We went to the doctors the next day but he was unduly worried.  Between the cold and the immunisations and the teething, it was all perfectly understandable.

    I started calling it the perfect storm.  At least it could only start getting better soon I thought  ::)

    Things settled over the weekend although he remained out of sorts.  On Wednesday I met a friend for coffee.  Besides us were the same group of perfect looking new mum's and within 10 mins of arriving Baby T had managed to spill the milk for my coffee by cleverly using something else to reach it with, and spill salt on the floor from the salt shaker that I had put out of reach on the table behind him.   How does he do it?

    A further 10 mins later and his banana sandwich was on the floor, he was in tears and my top was covered in banana as I picked him up for cuddles.  Something just wasn't right.  He had been off his food for a week now but banana sandwiches were always a reliable option, and he is not a girny baby without reason.  Something was up.

    Apologies now for TMI.  That evening it hit us, or rather me, as Baby T let out a flood of vomit all down himself and me forming a pool at our feet.  We made a rookie mistake of letting him have water so the same happened again.  He was violently sick 3 times in the space of just over an hour.

    Sounds like Gastroentritis said the nurse on NHS24.  "Has he started nursery recently?" she asked.

    He was sick again the next morning after just a crumb of toast and some water so off to the GP. "Yes it's Gastroentritis and has he started nursery recently?" he added with a knowing smile.

    Poor Baby T.  So last Thursday - instead of going to work to meet the one deadline I had - was spent watching cartoons, cuddling Baby T and feeding him sips of water using a syringe.  But by lunch time it became a battle, he was so hungry and thirsty that he was working him self up to cry for about 10 mins, would get exhausted, stopped crying for 10 minutes then the whole routine started again.  I gave in, fed him dry sandwich thin and let him drink for his beaker and all was fine.

    My OH took Friday off so that I could go to work to try and meet that deadline.  By 7.30 am that plan was out the window as he came down with the bug too.  He proceeded to spend the day in bed whilst I juggled trying to work from home with caring for Baby T.  He seemed to be really on the mend, managing toast for breakfast and some banana at lunch.  So queue another rookie parent mistake, I gave him some comfort food for tea which he ate with joy (how he loved that potato waffle and small amount of spaghetti hoop shapes).

    Of course he was violently sick again.  So that was our Friday night.

    And in the early hours of Saturday morning, I too came down with the bug... Can this get any worse?

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    The answer is...of course!

    Over these 2 weeks, Baby T had also kindly passed on his cold and his cough.  So on top of the Gastroentritis, my cold breaks again and I also develop his racking cough.  I've spent all weekend coughing and each attack leaves my throat raw, my stomach and back sore and I sometimes gag thinking I am going to be sick again.  My head also hurts from the coughing and the sudden lack of coffee. If this is how bad I feel, poor poor Baby T  ^hugme^

    Luckily, however he seems not too bad.  Luckily also my OH and staggered being ill, so while I was laid up on Saturday, he looked after Baby T as he was over the worst.  Sunday we were all a bit better again and things start to look as if we have come through the storm.  Baby T spends all his time trying to walk, cruising around using the outside of his playpen or just taking me for a walk round the house.  He is still only eating toast but is drinking formula milk so I am less worried about his lack of eating.

    I'm still sleeping in a chair in his room (long story, see my earlier diary or I will try and explain later) and for once I am so glad.  I stayed awake to finally try and type my diary and then just before midnight, he gave a little cough and then I heard a liquid sort of sound.  I checked on him, he was still asleep but I felt his sheet around his face and then his gro bag and realised that he had been sick.  Poor OH was yelled for out his comfy bed to change the sheets, whilst I changed baby who seemed quite oblivious to it all.

    Of course now I am too paranoid to go to sleep.

    Less than an hour later, he coughs again and this time a torrent comes out.  I spring up (I move fast when it comes to baby!) and stand him up in his cot whilst shouting for daddy.  Another torrent of liquid pours down baby, his gro bag, cot and floor...and (as with every other time)...me.

    Baby is changed and comforted but there are no sheets or gro bags that fit him left.  I phone NHS 24 again and they say a nurse will call back.  Poor Baby T spends the night sleeping on me, so of course I don't really sleep all night, not least as the nurse didn't phone back until about 3.30 am. "All perfectly normal.  It can last days in babies.  Has he started nursery recently?"  ^bigbad^

    So Monday we are back on the building things up slowly in terms of water, toast and a little formula milk.  Daddy takes him a walk in the fresh air and I load the washing machine.  So today I am more hopeful.

    But then he is sick again this afternoon.  Aargh!

    I'm now very confused.  There is a risk it is still Gastroentritis as on each day he is ill (Wed, Fri and then this morning) Baby T refused water all day.  And Baby T loves his water!  It suggests to me that he feels unwell so being sick was the natural outcome.

    But on the other hand, last Thursday - after being ill in the morning and the night before - he seemed ill, spending the day curled up on me and just watching cartoons.  However after all the other times, he has been almost instantly wanting to go walkabout or play with his cars, which suggests that the vomiting is now more related to his coughing.

    I am also worried about his food intake.  Today he had 140ml formula at 8am, toast at 9, had 140 ml at lunch time which was soon brought up and then he has had a side of a sandwich thin toasted at about 5.30 and 8, and 120 ml of formula at 10pm.  Since last Thursday he has basically lived on toast or dry bread, at least at the weekend he took small bottles.  But even the week before he didn't eat all his breakfast, would only eat banana sandwiches for lunch and very basic 'comfort' food for his dinners.  It feels like it has now been 2 weeks since he was eating properly.

    Who knows what tomorrow (or rather today) will bring....

    Anyway, enough coughing, stomach gurgling and iPad typing in the dark.  I need to sleep....

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    So sorry dear diary for not keeping  you up-to-date.  When I left you last, it had been 24 hours since Baby T's last bout of sickness.  It had been every two days for a week and I was wondering if we would ever get really clear of the magical 48 hour mark...

    But we did, and it has now been a week on top of that.  This week his appetite has also returned and he is eating us out of house and home  ;D

    Turia x

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    I'm in agony.

    Every part of me seems to ache.

    Since the middle of November 2015, hip and pelvic pain has meant that I have been sleeping in a recliner chair, other than for about 3 months in the spring.  I did try sleeping in a bed for those few months but would be up all night in pain.

    For the last couple of months I have been paying privately for physiotherapy whilst I wait for the NHS referral. My body is so used to sleeping in a chair that it now physically couldn't lie down!  However we are currently on our annual week in the north of Scotland so have had no choice but to try and sleep in a bed.

    Sleep....almost a laughable concept. 

    At least in the chair I was almost pain free, could get about most of my day to day life almost pain free (although limited in what I could do) and would get 6-7 hours of unbroken sleep.  It may not have been the best quality but it was sleep nonetheless.

    But this week, my work at the physio has now enabled me to get into bed but I am up every night.  The wine in the evening means I get 2-3 hours but then have to get up.  I  sit, move about or do physio for an hour, take painkillers, then try again to sleep but give up usually by 6-6.30.  I've been getting 4-5 hours of sleep each night in broken chunks so I am knackered and in pain.

    My shoulder and arm ache as I am not used to lying on them.  My back and hip are sore as I lie down as they are so unused to that horizontal position.  And as for my rib cage....it's the worst of all and I'm not sure why.

    So here I am once more, up for the last 50 minutes waiting for the rib pain to subside enough to try again.  My OH is snoring away and Baby T is sleeping peacefully in the travel cot next to us.  His breathing is so quiet that I am constantly checking on him too.

    But it's almost 5am, let's try for another an hour.....

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    Just as well I am getting used to this lack of sleep as last night I had only a couple of hours dozing...and even that was back in the chair!

    Poor Baby T is currently learning to walk and he is so excited about it.  He manages 6 steps or so before launching himself into my arms but can do so much more if he holds onto one hand and leads us around the place.

    However this weekend made my heart lurch. 

    On Saturday he was in the driveway, all excited at playing with daddy and started to run towards him....promptly letting go of my hand and equally promptly landing face down on the gravel.  Queue another nice bruise and lump on his forehead and some scratches on his wee nose.

    Then on Sunday morning, he tried stretching up to get something off the desk, let go again and this time fell over a heavy box landing semi-upside down under the table in a bit of a tight squeeze with another bump to the head.  However after a few minutes of tears, all was well until he threw up all his potato and leek soup whilst still sitting in his high chair.  (Guess whose mummy then decided against having her share of the potato and leek soup  ::))  A possible head/neck injury followed by vomiting to me means phoning the NHS out of hours.  "Just monitor" they said, "but if he is sick again, phone back or just go straight to a&e".

    But he ate some toast later in the day and then ate his tea and generally seemed himself so all was well with the world.  Until he threw up his bedtime bottle of milk all over me...

    "He's been sick twice after two head injuries - go straight to children's a&e", the NHS advice was given.

    So off we trotted at 11.15 at night, and arrived in the waiting room from hell where we stayed for the next 5 hours.  There were crying babies, crying toddlers, children being sick on the floor, children being ignored by their parents as they ran around, other children conversely ignoring their parents as they ran about and just the odd couple sitting quietly or trying to sleep.  Luckily Baby T just cuddled in and tried to sleep on myself or daddy whilst being both fascinated and horrified at what was going on around him.

    Finally, just before 4.30 am we are seen by a doctor.  All is okay.  "We generally advise not coming in unless they have been sick 3 or 4 times".

    I do wish hospital doctors, local GPs and the NHS 24 all got their stories straight.  That's twice now we have had conflicting information after ending up in a&e  ^bigbad^

    By 4.45 am we are home but Baby T now refuses to sleep in his cot.  As Daddy has an hours drive, he gets to sleep in the bed for 3 hours before going to work late.  I get to hold and comfort a restless baby from my old recliner chair, too cold to sleep as all my winter pj's are either in the wash or covered in sick  ;D 

    Dear diary, none of these are the entries that I had planned to write as I started your new pages...but maybe I'll get to those soon....

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    Ah dear diary, yet another entry that was not planned and probably fits under the "could only happen to me" category.  It's also a bit TMI so you have been warned  :)

    I've had an itchy little toe the last few days and I began to fear it was Athletes Foot.  An incomplete closer inspection last night suggested instead it was a verruca, both probably picked up from the swimming pool two weeks ago whilst on holiday.  Last night it was very sore and today I could hardly put any weight on it.

    I spent most of today at work itching everywhere.

    It got to the stage that I wanted to strip and have a cold shower.

    I left work mid afternoon in so much foot pain and so much itch pain, I was a waste of space.  As soon as I got in, off came the dress, off came the tights and to my horror there was a red and very swollen foot.  I've watched enough ER episodes to know that the itching all over therefore meant infection so off to my GP for an emergency appointment.

    Turns out it is not a verruca or athlete's foot, but a blood filled infected blister under my little toe on the base of my foot.  As only my little toe was swollen this morning, and now it's my whole foot, the GP reckons we are on a race against time to get enough penicillin in me as the alternative is a stay in hospital.

    It's good that you are up during the night in pain" she says "as then you can take an extra dose."

    So despite having an active toddler, I've to keep my feet up and monitor my pulse and temperature.  Wonder how well I will manage that  ::)  I reckon my feet will have been up for 20 mins by the time I finish this.  That should be enough as Baby T will need collected from nursery!

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    The itching is killing me.

    My whole body is red raw and the foot swelling doesn't seem to have got better, if anything it is worse.

    In the morning I am meant to be taking Baby T to the hospital to finally get tested for a suspected egg allergy.  Think my OH will now be doing that and I will be at A & E....

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    Hop along Cassidy went to both Baby T's allergy clinic and to A&E.  What a wonderful way to spend a Friday, all in all we were about 5 hours at the Southern (not forgetting yet the 5 hours there last Sunday night).

    Baby T is now confirmed as having an egg allergy and a nut allergy  :'(

    I'm still processing this information so will write more later.  I know that there are so many things worse out there but my heart breaks for him.  It will not make life easy.

    As for me...still itching like crazy.

    By Friday morning my foot had swollen even more and my whole body was in a rash.  Turns out I am allergic to the penicillin that they had given me  ::)

    I must have made a wonderful sight, in open toe walking sandals and winter coat.  I started the year on crutches and it looks like I'm finishing the year in the same way, although I do know I should be better in a couple of days.

    I have now been up an hour scratching despite taking periton so I am off to cover myself again in calamine lotion.

    Oh and that keeping the foot elevated thing....well you can imagine how that is going!

    The joys  ::)