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Dear diary

27 Weeks Pregnant

So, i had my final cervix scan on Wednesday. All is fine, placenta has moved too so that was a weight of my mind. I really dont want a C Sec. I understand that this is still a possibility, if a natural birth doesnt go to plan.
So ive been discharged from that clinic now. Really nice people there.
I had my growth scan yesterday. Ned is just below 50th centile so all is fine.
As i said, they will induce me around my due date but if i go into natural labour after 37 weeks, and all is fine with my health and babies, i will be suitable for the birth centre which makes me really happy. Im considering a water birth if all goes well but i dont want to be set on it as it depends on availability on the day.

Ive asked my work to be furloughed for a number of reasons, mainly childcare, and although HR havent given an answer yet, I've been told that the business hasnt furloughed 1 employee (I work for a very popular supermarket) so its unlikely they will allow it. It shocks me that a business of that size, and they havent furloughed anyone. So in case of this, ive asked for any additional support.
My consultant is sending a letter to me next week for work, advising i work reduced hours due to the riskof preterm labour, but i need to be careful, as i really cant afford a drop in wages.
We will see but think im going to have to wing it. Perhaps have some time off sick if it gets too much.

So, plan is to have my glucose test done on Tuesday and Anti D the week after. I have another scanand consultant app at the start of Feb.
I seen a really nice midwife there, who was one of my midwives with DS. She asked if i was seeing midwives and i said no. I explained the reasons and she understood. But she said she really thought I still should see 1 for the reasons that 1) point of contact and 2) It can be a long time between seeing a consultant and sometimes not a personal experience.
So we have decided that I will see a midwife that works part time who also was my midwife with DS, so im to expect a call from her next week.

So today we are collecting most of the baby things we orders, car seat, snuzpod, mattress, baby carrier etc,which im excited about. My push chair will be ready next month.

Nursery is getting started today but wont be finished for a a few weeks. OH is starting it today and will do bits here and there, but has a week off the week after next to do the bulk of it.

Also, now starting to buy the stuff for my hospital bag, need a new nightie for giving birth in, then some nice PJ's for after.

Its all go, and so exciting.


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    The life of a full time working mumma to a miracle boy 💙
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    Dear Diary

    28 Weeks and 1 Day pregnant

    Glucose test done although being told it was take a day or 2 for the results, i still havent received them.

    Insomnia is a woman! On Tuesday, i woke at 00:30 and couldnt get back to sleep, today, was 5am and here i am! It happens a couple of times a week now and it kills me. I had to call in sick on Wednesday as i was just too tired. Even with the best nights sleep, im exhausted by midday.

    Anti D is booked for Tuesday and my appointments calm down and les frequent.

    OH is off this week and is doing the nursery, hopefully will be finished by midweek.

    Home schooling and working full time starts tomorrow and im dreading it. Im going to give it a go but im not optimistic that i will cope.

    Pushchair arrived this week, im itching to get it up!