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Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
« Reply #20 on: 5/09/17, 07:31 »
Tuesday 5th Sept 2017

P will be 4 yrs, 6 mths old in 2 days time
R is 3 yrs, 5 mths old

So R started preschool last Thursday and P went into her 2nd year of preschool. They are both in the same place. It's a Naoinri which means the teachers speak fluent Irish and they teach the kids basic Irish and they learn songs through the Irish language etc. They are both going from 9am to 12pm, 5 days a week. This year is easy logistics wise, next year the dropping and collecting will be more difficult because P will be going into 'big school' at the other side of town and R will be doing a second year in the naoinri.

Anyhow, I had been psyching R up about starting school for a while, telling him all about the toys he would be playing with and the friends he would make etc. I bought him a new Paw Patrol school bag and a Cars lunch bag and bottle and he was excited about starting school but on the first morning when we were ready to leave the house (after we had taken some lovely first day of school photos) R started bawling saying he didn't want to go to school, he said he wanted to stay with me, then he said he wanted me to go to school with him and stay in the class with him.... awhhhh  :-* I calmed him down and talked him round and we set off for the school. As it was the first day of school DH came with me to drop them off. When we got there I expected R to cry again but he just walked straight in no problem. He spotted some little cars on a shelf and went straight over and started playing with them and didn't look back for me. There wasn't a bother on P either, she spotted some of her friends from last year so she was delighted to go in.

As for me, that was a different story! I was outside and I could see the two of them through the window and I got overcome with emotion and started crying  :'(  DH was talking to someone so he didn't notice but another dad came over and asked if I was ok and said "Awhh it's a big day for the mammies, having to let go"  :)


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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #21 on: 29/10/17, 09:17 »
    Sunday 29th October 2017

    P is almost 4 years, 8 months
    R turned 3 years, 7 months two days ago

    Itís Halloween weekend and P and R were allowed to dress up for pre-school on Friday where they had a Halloween party. P went dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and she looked soooo cute. I went a little bit mad with my credit card on Amazon and bought her a beautiful yellow Belle dress, a wig, yellow light up shoes and a stuffed toy beast. I even bought her a light up rose to complete the look. She was delighted with herself  :)  R was a different story...I had bought him a pirate skeleton costume but when I showed it to him the night before the party he refused to try it on so he ended up going to school dressed in his bedtime onesie which has a monster on it because that was the only thing he would agree to wear  ::)

    Since R started preschool he is very very fussy about what he will wear. Up to starting school he would have worn anything I put on him but since starting school he has become very particular about his clothes and will only wear certain things. I had bought him a whole new wardrobe of clothes for school and they remain unworn! He will only wear his old raggy looking tops that have been washed 100 times and he will only wear certain trousers. He wonít wear tracksuit bottoms anymore. Itís the same with coats. There is only one jacket that he will wear ...a red sleeveless gilet with a hood which he wears everywhere with the hood pulled up  ::) He is extremely headstrong and if he decides he doesnít want to wear something then there is no way on this earth that you would get him into it  ::) He probably gets the being headstrong thing from me because I remember as a child often being told that I was headstrong myself  ;D  Last week he came home from school wearing just his vest and the red gilet over it...he had wet the sleeves of his top and when the teacher tried to change him into the spare top in his bag he point blank refused and she couldnít persuade him despite her having 22 years experience as a preschool teacher  ;D

    By the way Iím on Day 7 of meds for yet another IVF cycle! This will be cycle #9 and we are doing a fresh cycle this time using the same egg and sperm donors that gave us P. I tried to move on and stop all treatment but I couldnít let it go yet so despite my better judgment Iím back cycling once again. I have a scan on Tuesday 31st and hopefully will find out then when ET is likely to be  :)

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #22 on: 2/12/17, 17:24 »
    Saturday 2nd December 2017

    P will be 4 years, 9 mths old in 5 days time
    R is 3 years, 8 mths, 6 days old
    6 weeks 2 Days Pregnant  :)

    Last time I posted here I had started yet another double donor treatment cycle...well that cycle went smoothly and I am pregnant again! My hcg levels were very good and my first scan is scheduled for 2 days time when I will hopefully be 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. Iíve had a couple of horrendous first scans before where I was told things werenít progressing as they should be so I am nervous but this time feels different... I feel very pregnant already. I feel queezy all day, I am very tired, my boobs ache, I am bloated, I am ravenous hungry all the time and I am extremely hormonal - I am crying at everything I hear on the news..I feel like have really bad PMS ...all good symptoms :) Fingers crossed all goes well on Monday  ^pray^

    Link to my latest treatment diary here:

    Iíve been getting into the Christmas spirit:
    The Late Late Toy Show was on last night and for the first time we let P and R stay up late to watch it as itís a Christmas tradition Iíd like us to have as a family. They watched the first two parts before they were so tired they couldnít stay up any longer. I donít know why RT… have it on so late when they know every child in the country is going to be watching it (It doesnít start til 9:35pm).

    This morning for the first time ever too the ĎElf on the Shelfí arrived at our house. He was sitting on top of one of the kitchen presses when P and R got up this morning and he had a letter for them explaining that he is here to keep an eye on them to see if they are being naughty or nice and he will report back to Santa every night. P was a bit scepitcal about him and was saying she thought he wasnít real so a few times when she wasnít looking I moved his position on top of the press and she was fascinated about how it happened and now she believes he is really watching them  ;D

    I made a start at putting up our Christmas decorations today. It was a task made difficult by R pulling everything out of the boxes before I got a chance to sort it out and get a method going but he was very excited to help so I tried to keep my cool even though he had my patience tested at times especially when I am feeling so queezy.

    When I eventually got the Christmas tree up and the lights on. P and R were very cute putting the decorations on it together. I had Christmas music playing and I just let them put everything on the tree wherever they wanted so they were delighted. Everything is down the bottom half of the tree and not coordinated at all so I will rearrange it later when they are gone to bed ::) I got a gorgeous video of the two of them decorating it which Iím sure I will treasure in years to come.

    I make a big fuss about Christmas and I am trying to establish some Christmas traditions we can have as a family so that the children will look back in years to come with happy memories of the times we had together. I think you especially remember Christmas from your childhood...I know I do :)

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #23 on: 30/12/17, 08:55 »
    Saturday 30th December 2017

    P is 4 yrs, 9 1/2 mths old
    R is 3 yrs, 9 mths, 3 days old
    10 weeks 2 days pregnant

    We are having a lovely Christmas break. DH and I finished work on 21st Dec and we are both not back to work until 2nd January so we been having lots of nice family days and plenty of lie-ins and rest.

    On Fri 22nd Dec DH and I went to NB for a day out alone together to get the last minute Xmas shopping and food for Xmas dinner. Xmas eve we all went to the Childrenís mass where P and R met up with lots of their little pre-school friends. P was so cute hugging all her little girl friends when she met them. They had great fun in the crib we were sitting beside at the back of the altar. At one stage R was up on the donkey and P was up on a sheep  ::)...We had stopped them going into it a good few times but eventually it was overrun by a multitude of curious children so we just let ours at it too.

    When we got home from mass the elves had been to visit from the North Pole and they had left P and R Xmas eve boxes on their beds containing new pjs and slippers, coloring books and markers, an Xmas book each and various small toys etc (This is a tradition I started with them 2 years ago and the elves always come when we are at Xmas eve mass.... I wonder why mammy Shamrock is always last out to the car when we are going to the mass) Before bed we put out cookies, a mince pie and a can of Guinness for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf  :)

    Xmas day R woke up about 7am but didnít remember Santa was coming so he went back to bed, P didnít wake up til 8:45am and she remembered about Santa the minute she woke up so we all went down to the kitchen to see if Santa and Rudolf had been and eaten the treats we left out for them. P and R were amazed to see just mostly crumbs left, an empty can of Guinness and a big bite taken out of the carrot. Then it was time to see if Santa had left them anything in the sittting room, which of course he had. They hadnít asked for too much from Santa. P had asked for a Luvabella doll and some surprises which were a Rapunzel doll with light up hair and some My Little Ponies. R had asked for the games PieFace and Doggie Doo and a car racing track and he got a workbench as a surprise. So the day was spent happily playing with their new toys. I made the traditional turkey and ham dinner and friends called to see us in the evening  :)

    St Stephens day we went to visit DHs parents and his sister and brother were there with their children. The following day we visited my family and my mum. Since then the kids have had a couple of play dates but we have mostly been all relaxing at home together. Our childminder T asked if she could take P and R on a sleepover to her house last night so myself and DH went out for dinner then called to a friends house for a few drinks. DH is gone to help out on his fathers farm this morning and the kids are not home yet so I am having a very relaxing lie-in here now in a very quiet house  :)

    I need all the rest I can get because I am 10 weeks 2 days pregnant now! We have had two scans at 6 wks 4 days and 8 wks 5 days both of which went very well. We have one little baby on board with a strong heartbeat and everything seems to be developing as it should be.  I have the Harmony blood test and a scan booked for this Tuesday 2nd January when I should hopefully be 10 wks 5 days. I have been using a doppler at home the last few days and have had no problem finding the babyís heartbeat.

    I canít believe I am finally pregnant again and please God I will get to complete my family as I wanted to. If this pregnancy goes all the way to a healthy take home baby then I am completely finished with all fertility treatment. We have some frozen embryos but we wonít be using them. I think 3 children will be a perfect number for us to be able to really enjoy and give our best to. I will be 46 years old when this new baby comes so I am very happy to hang up my ivf boots now and leave all the stress and heartache etc of treatment behind and finally just fully enjoy my family :)

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #24 on: 14/01/18, 09:28 »
    Sunday 14th January 2018

    P is 4 yrs 10 months old
    R is 3 yrs 9 1/2 months old
    12 Weeks 3 Days Pregnant

    Family life is back to normal now after the Christmas break. DH and I are back to work and P and R are back to pre-school.

    The last few days P and R have been really big into drawing pictures as I got them 500 sheets of blank white A4 paper and washable markers. Iíve discovered that P is really good at art  :) She mainly draws pictures of our family...me, DH, herself and R and our 2 cats. We look like proper people and I think her attention to detail is brilliant for her age. She has us all in proportion and she includes Rís Ďbaby doggyí teddy that he brings everywhere with him. Iíve also noticed we always have big happy smiles on our faces in the pictures which is good to see. I wonder if one of her donors was good at art  ??? Itís interesting to see her talents emerging.

    R really likes drawing pictures aswell and I can see a big improvement in his abilities from a few months ago when he would only have done scribbles on a page..now he really tries to form proper pictures. His specialty at the moment is drawing what he calls snowmen and baby octopuses  :)

    Ps pre-school teacher told me just before Christmas that P is very advanced academically for her age as, amongst other things, she can read and write her own name and some other words and a lot of numbers despite not being formally taught how to do it  :) She wonít be formally taught that until she goes to primary school in September. We have put her name down for a country school about 10 minutes drive from our house and we will find out at the end of January if she has secured a place there or not...fingers crossed  ^pray^

    All is going great with my pregnancy. I have passed the major 12 week milestone and results of the Harmony Test I had done came back to show the baby is low risk for all trisomies and we are expecting a boy this time!  :) :)  :) I am absolutely delighted that all is clear on the Harmony testing. I didnít mind whether it was a boy or a girl so long as all is ok.

    The only slight niggle I have about it being a boy is that I wonder will he look very noticeably different to R  ???  If it was a girl then she would have been like P but a boy might be very different from R and people may comment on the physical difference as R is OE/OS and this baby is DD. Anyhow I know Iím just thinking about other peopleís possible comments which at the end of the day donít matter a damn. When I was pregnant with P I had niggles wondeing what she would look like and if she would be totally different looking from myself and DH and I worried that people would comment a lot about it and although I have had a couple of such comments in the last 4 years they have been few and far between and they have affected me like water off a ducks back  :) I know these kind of thoughts are normal for a donor pregnancy and the most important thing is the baby is healthy and DH and I are absolutely delighted to be adding another member to our happy family  :)

    Although itís relatively early days in this pregnancy we told P and R yesterday that we are having a baby in the summer. P couldnít believe it when we told her...she kept asking ďAre you sure youíre having a baby?Ē She has been adorable, kissing my tummy and putting her hand on it gently  :) Last night she asked if she could sing the baby a lullaby and she sang it ďRock a bye babyĒ and before she went to bed she said good night to the baby  :)
    This morning when she got up the first thing she asked me was "How is the baby today?" and she gave my tummy another kiss and said good morning to him. She says she wants a sister and as we are not telling them the gender for the moment I have been emphasising that it could be a boy or a girl and pointing out to her the advantages of having another brother rather than a sister like not having to share her toys or her room  :)

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #25 on: 12/02/18, 19:55 »
    Monday 12th February 2018

    P is 4 years 11 months old
    R is 3 years 10 1/2 months old
    16 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant

    Itís 4 weeks since I posted here. I will try and remember some of the things that have happened in the meantime.

    One of the big things was that P got to meet Penny from Serum for the first time. Serum were in Dublin on 20th January doing outreach consultations and I heard Penny was going to be there so myself, DH, P and R travelled up to meet her. Penny gave me a huge hug when we saw her. There were other children conceived via Serum there too which was lovely to see. Penny was delighted to meet all of them  :)

    We found out on 1st February that P has gotten a place in the country school we had her name down for so we are delighted with that. When I dropped P off at preschool this morning her teacher said to me again that she is very advanced for age  :)

    I have booked our summer holidays. Iíve booked flights and accommodation for the four of us to go to Spain for 2 weeks on 5th May. I will (hopefully) be 28 weeks pregnant when we go so please God I will be able for it physically. We had such a good time on holidays last year I didnít want P and R to miss out this year just because I am pregnant. They still talk about the things we did and places we went on holidays last year. R especially loves holidays and he is already talking about collecting shells and building sand castles again :)

    I had a house full of children last weekend. I invited 3 of Ps preschool friends and 2 of Rs over to our house for a play date so there was 7 children here. I loved it. I think the more children playing and making noise the better :)

    My pregnancy is going great as far as I know. I had a scan last week and all was good. I am looking forward to starting to feel the baby move inside which should start happening in about 2 weeks time, please God  ^pray^

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #26 on: 27/03/18, 16:56 »
    Tuesday 27th March 2018

    P is 5 years 3 weeks old
    R turns 4 years old today
    22 Weeks 5 days Pregnant

    Ok I will try to remember some of the things that happened since I last updated here:

    P turned 5 years old on 7th March and today is Rs 4th birthday! On Saturday 10th March we had a joint birthday party for P and R at a play center. We had 21 children at it which included some of their friends from pre-school, a few of our friends children and some of their cousins that were of appropriate age for such a party. We were limited to a certain number of guests so we couldnít invite all their friends from pre-school etc. I had originally booked it for the previous weekend but heavy snow meant we had to postpone it for a week. The kids had a great time and I throughly enjoyed it ...it was so much easier having it at a play center than trying to entertain 20+ children and their parents at home in bad weather. A woman I work with made lovely homemade birthday cakes for me. Ps was in the shape of a number 5 with Trolls on it and Rs was in the shape of a number 4 with hot wheels on it. When Rs cake came out and everyone was singing happy birthday to him he got stage fright and wouldnít blow out his candles.  It was so cute. P of course had no problem at all with being the center of attention when her cake came out  :)

    On Thursday 15th March at exactly 21 weeks pregnant I was driving to work and I saw a car ahead stopped in the middle of the road indicating to turn right into a housing estate so I slowed my car down preparing to stop as I wouldnít have had room to go around the other car, as I slowed down I glanced in my rear view mirror and I could see a black car coming up behind me really fast and I knew it wasnít slowing down and it was going to hit me  :o It all happened in seconds but next thing I heard and felt the full force of the impact and somehow my car ended up completely up on the lefthand footpath sideways. When it stopped I had my foot to the floor on the brake and my hands stuck to the steering wheel. Somehow out of complete luck there wasnít anyone walking on that part of the footpath or any parked cars or lampposts etc there so I didnít hit anybody/anything  :o

    I was in complete shock and hyperventilating and crying. I was immediately most concerned for the baby although I knew my tummy hadnít hit the steering wheel as my seatbelt had held me back. Luckily the airbag didnít inflate so I wasnít hit by that either. I was brought by ambulance to the maternity hospital I am attending and immediately given a scan where I saw and heard the babyís heartbeat. I burst into tears again when I saw him on screen.

    Someone at the accident scene had phoned DH so he arrived at the hospital. We had to wait for about 2 hours to see a consultant (Dr M my usual consultant was in theatre performing emergency c-sections) I had another scan which again thankfully showed our little mans heart beating away although he was very quiet movement wise...He was probably still recovering from the shock himself, I know I was  ::) I was discharged but told to come back immediately if any pain or bleeding which thankfully I havenít had. I was given an appointment with Dr M the following Tuesday for another checkup and scan and thankfully all was still ok with the baby then.

    I went to the gp the day after the accident and she referred me for physio as my neck, left shoulder and arm were stiff and sore. The gp also signed me off work for 2 weeks. . Iíve went to the Garda station to give a statement about what happened. The Garda asked me if I wanted to press charges against the driver that hit me but I decided not to as he seemed genuinely concerned for me at the accident scene, he accepted full responsibility for what happened and his insurance company paid for the Ä5k worth of damage to my car and all my expenses. I just feel lucky that our little boy is ok and Iím ok. It could have been a lot worse

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #27 on: 14/04/18, 20:22 »
    Saturday 14th April 2018

    P is 5 years 6 weeks old
    R is 4 years 3 weeks old
    25 weeks 2 days pregnant

    Itís 4 1/2 weeks since my car accident and Iím finally feeling ok again in the last day or two ...up to that my neck, shoulder and arm were aching and stiff because of soft tissue damage/whiplash. I was at the gp 3 times with it and I had to get 3 sessions of physio.  I am still signed off work by the gp but I am planning on going back to work this coming Monday.

    Everything is going great with the pregnancy. I had a checkup and scan last Tuesday and everything looks perfect, thank God.

    P and R are doing great too. I started R in Rugby Tots two weeks ago and he loves it. I am really proud of him because he is listening to the coaches and following instructions great. I am pleasantly surprised how well he has taken to it. When I brought him to it last week he told me it was "the funest day ever"  :)

    P goes to ballet every Tuesday. I started her in it in Sept and she loves it too. Her teacher Miss OH has been teaching ballet for about 30 years and she is very eccentric/mad as a brush so the kids love her and do everything she asks...I've heard she can be strict when she needs to be. Every week the kids in the class sit around in a circle and one by one they tell what news they have ...I presume it is to build self confidence. I don't go to the classes with P so each week I ask her what news did she have for Miss OH and she always makes me laugh with the things she says. It usually involves something her brother R has done like he messed up her room or took one of her favourite dolls  :) Ahhh the innocence  :)

    Like everything she tries her hand at P is very good at ballet. She loves dancing at home..at her request I often put on classical ballet music for her on YouTube on our kitchen tv and she does dance performances for us. She seems to really get into the music and go with it. She is amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up in the Royal London Ballet School someday  :)

    So ballet and rugby are the only two classes I have P and R enrolled in. Because they are so young I believe free play is very important for them in conjunction with the structure they have at the classes. A small amount of strucure and lots of free time to play as they please is what I like for them at their age :)

    They both have great imaginations and they love playing dress up so I have a small clothes rail in Ps room with lots of different dress up costumes on it. They play some kind of dress up everyday. I have some 'boy' costumes for R like a fireman outfit and power rangers outfit etc but he almost always bypasses them and dresses up in 'girls' things like his sister. I don't mind that at all. I encourage him dress up in whatever he wants and I help him put on the various dresses etc. Last night before bed he was a mermaid for a while, then he was a fairy granting wishes then he was a ballerina and P was his ballet teacher showing him the dance moves  ;D

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #28 on: 29/05/18, 08:26 »
    Tuesday 29th May 2018

    P is 5 years 2.5 months old
    R is 4 years 2 months old
    31 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant

    We were on holidays in Spain for two weeks from 5th to 19th May and we had a brilliant time. I was 28 weeks pregnant going and 30 weeks pregnant coming back and thankfully I had absolutely no problems with the pregnancy even though I was a lot more active and did a lot more walking over there than I usually do here.

    We were staying in a lovely wooden seaside bungalow on a very nice campsite. We had a beautiful view of the beach and the sea from our veranda :) The campsite was spotless with great facilities. There were 5 swimming pools, two of which were for for small children so we spent many days where P and R were in the pool playing and having fun for hours on end. They also had a kids club that they went to a couple of times where they played mini golf and did arts and crafts and dinosaur hunts etc. There was a mini disco every night which P loved but R refused to participate in  :) R absolutely loved the beach and DH spent hours on end building sand castles and moats with him. P wasnít as keen on the beach so sometimes we had Ďgirl timeí at the bungalow while the boys were at the beach. ĎGirl timeí as P called it was basically me and her relaxing and chatting  :) There were 4 playgrounds, one really nice very well equipped one, one on the beach and two other smaller ones so of course we visited them all several times  :)

    The weather was perfect for us, it was 23 or 24 degrees most days and we had a few cloudy days which were perfect for visiting Portadventura theme park. We bought annual passes for it so we could go there any day we wanted so we went 5 times during the holiday. P and R loved it especially the shows and there were plenty of amusements and rides they could go on even though P is only about 1 mtr 5 and R is about 1 mtr 10. You had to be a certain height for the different rides. I think their favorites were the canoes and horses in the Wild West. R absolutely loved the Wild West show and he dressed up as a cow girl and put on his own show for us back at our bungalow a couple of times wearing one of my maternity tops as a dress  ;D  Ps favorite shows were the dance show in China and the Polynesia beach dancers :)

    We had hired a car so we were able to get out and about whenever we wanted. We visited nearby Cambrils twice and also did a little road trip to a beautiful old church on top of a hill which was similar to the beautiful church in Sicily where we got married. P and R surprisingly loved the church and they loved the surrounding area because it had several little caves they could go into. We did another short road trip to a very unusual park with a lake full of turtles and huge fish. The park had a beautiful big house in it that was completely locked up with ivy and vines growing up the front steps and around the doors and windows. The house had turrets and towers and shutters on the windows so it looked like something out of a fairytale so we told P and R it was Sleeping Beautyís house and she was asleep inside it waiting for a handsome prince to come by to wake her up with a true loves kiss  ::)  I told R he should climb up the vines and into the house to kiss Sleeping Beauty but he wasnít too keen on the idea encase he met the wicked step mother on the way  ;D There was also a very unusual looking tower in another part of the park which P and R were convinced was Rapunzelís tower. We climbed up steps in it to near the top but the very top of it was locked so they were sure poor Rapunzel must still be locked in there  ::) Near the tower was a big cage with two huge parrots in it and P decided the witch that locked Rapunzel in the tower must have turned two kids into parrots and put them in a cage  ::) Youíve got to love their vivid imaginations  :)
    The park was called Parc Sama if anyone is interested https://parcsama.es/parc-sama-eng/


    P and R had an absolute ball of a time on the holiday from the minute they woke up in the morning until they went to bed at night and they both slept like logs every night and were fast asleep within 5 minutes of their heads hitting the pillows  :)  We are planning on going back to the same campsite again next year and please God next time we will have our new little son with us to join in all the fun  :)

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    Diary of a very busy but very happy working mammy
    « Reply #29 on: 12/06/18, 09:38 »
    Tuesday 12th June 2018

    P is 5 Years, 3 Months Old
    R is 4 Years 2.5 Months3 Old
    33 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant

    I am writing this propped up in a maternity hospital bed attached to a ctg machine which is currently doing a trace of the baby's heartbeat. I've been an in-patient here in hospital since Friday 1st June (with a brief overnight escape one night) but thankfully I am getting out today.

    At home on the evening of Friday 1st June (32+1) I went to the loo and nearly died of fright when I realised there was fresh blood on my pantyliner but thankfully I had no pain. I rang the hospital and they told me to come straight in for assessment and to bring an overnight bag with me. I had another small bleed on the way to the hospital but thankfully it stopped then. I was admitted in and given a steroid injection to develop the baby's lungs. I was told I had to have more steroids exactly 24 hours later then I could go home on the Sunday morning as the baby was fine and I had no pain and no more bleeding.

    I was given the 2nd steroid injection at 11pm Saturday night and at 11:45pm I went to the loo and there was more fresh red blood. I had light bleeding until about 8am Sunday morning (32 +3). From 8am onwards that day I had no more fresh bleeding just some brown/black spotting so I was allowed to go home on Monday. I was delighted to get home because I really missed P and R even though they had come to visit me on the Saturday.

    The following morning on Tuesday 5th June (32+5) I woke up at 4:30am feeling wet and when I went to the loo there was a good bit of fresh red blood on my pantyliner again  :o I went back into hospital and I was re-admitted to the same ward I had left the day before. I had no pain and tests of the baby showed he was doing fine. This time I was told that I would have to have a full week without any bleeding at all before I would be allowed home again and today marks that full 7 days without a bleed so I am allowed home today  :)

    I have been told that the bleeds were probably from the edge of the placenta so when I go home I am to get as much rest as humanly possible and if I see anymore blood I am to come straight back in and I won't be allowed out again until after the baby is born. If I have a large bleed with gushing blood I am to call an ambulance and get to the hospital as quickly as possible for an emergency c-section  :o

    If I don't have any more bleeding I will be having a scheduled c-section on 5th July at 37 weeks. I was previously supposed to be having it on 19th July at 39 weeks.

    I have gotten plenty of rest and tlc over the last 11 days here but I have missed P and R and DH fierce. I cannot wait to get home to them.

    Fingers crossed for no more drama  ^pray^