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Sunday 9th December 2018

P is 5 Years 9 Months Old
R is 4 Years 8.5 Months Old
J is 20 Weeks 6 Days Old

Since I last posted:

- At WW on Wed 28th Nov I was up 0.5lbs so now I have 12lbs to loose to get to goal.

- We had Js christening on Sunday 2nd December at the local church. My friend G was godmother and DHs friend DM was godfather. We had a meal out in a nice hotel afterwards. We only invited immediate family and their partners but we still had 25 adults and 7 children at it. It was a nice day out and everything went well.

- J had a check up with the respiratory team at the hospital on Monday 3rd December. It went fine. Basically he is growing and developing well so we are to continue him on the cpap at night for the next few months. He is to go back in 4 months time for next check up (1st April).

- On Wed 5th December myself and P had a girls night out. We went to see The Nutcracker Ballet. It was both of our first times going to see a proper ballet and we both really enjoyed it.  P does ballet every Tues evening and she will have her first performance on stage next May.

- On Friday 7th December I brought my mum to the Christmas concert in her local church. It has become a lovely tradition for both of us to go to it together every December. This year TF was playing.


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    Sunday 16th December 2018

    J is 5 months old today

    So J is 5 months old already !!! He’s a great little fella. I’m mad about him and so is DH. It can be challenging at times having 3 children with the oldest 5 years old but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch with J on my knee and P and R beside me and I had a ‘moment’... I looked at all 3 of them together and I had a pure love moment and I thought how incredibly lucky I am. I remember all the heartache at the start of our fertility journey when I thought I would never be a mother and now I have 3 little ones!!

    The challenging part for me with having 3 of them is trying to constantly give all of them the attention they want and deserve at the same time. P and R argue a lot (as is normal for siblings) and it can be difficult to try to deal with that while looking after Js needs at the same time. Also it’s challenging sometimes to get Ps homework done, feed her and R and get them to after-school activities on time when J wants to nap or feed at the same time. P goes to ballet on Tuesdays and both P and R go to speech and drama and hip hop dancing on Wednesdays after school so those days are all go! They love going and it’s good for their confidence etc so I always make sure we get there no matter how challenging it is to organise.

    P had her school nativity play on Wed 12th. Myself, DH, R, J and T went to see it and we got there early so we got seats in the front row. I was extremely proud of P ...she had the part of ‘Mary’ so she had to say a few lines into the microphone and she had to walk around the stage holding hands with ‘Joseph’ and she had to make the baby Jesus miraclorisly appear from under her chair at the right moment  :) She did it all perfectly and she looked so darn cute. I thought I would burst with pride  :) DH recorded a great video of it which I’ve looked at loads of times since and it makes me giggle and well up every time  :)

    Rs pre-school nativity play is on this Wednesday 19th. He is going to be one of the 3 wise men. I can’t wait to see that too.

    J was weighed by the public health nurse on Thurs 13th Dec and he weighed 7.5kg (16lbs 8.5oz). I phoned the dietician at the hospital to tell her his weight and she said they are very happy with his progress and I don’t need to get his weight checked for them again.

    Our previous childminder E offered to take P and R to her house for a sleepover on Friday 14th then on Friday morning T offered to mind J overnight for us if we wanted to do something that evening so on the spur of the moment DH and I decided we would go somewhere for a rare night away together. I went online and booked us into a really nice country lodge hotel by a lake. DH took an improtu afternoon off and we set off early. It was lovely from start to finish. First of all we spent an hour or so in one of the outdoor hot tubs overlooking the lake. Later we had a cocktail by the open fire in their cosy lounge and a scrumptious dinner in the restaurant. We slept in the worlds most comfortable bed and in the morning we had a leisurely breakfast and a stroll by the lake. We got home around 2pm on Saturday. It did us both the world of good to get away together and be spoiled after the difficult year we have had. The 3 kids were absolutely fine without us so hopefully we will do it again in a few months time  :)

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    Saturday 29th December 2018

    P is 5 Years 9.5 Minths Old
    R is 4 Years 9 Months Old
    J is 5 1/2 Months Old

    We are enjoying nice family time this Christmas season.

    On 22nd December we went to see Santa in the CC hotel. It was very enjoyable. They had little rooms with different eleves doing different activities in each and whilst we were waiting to go in to see Santa there was an area to play snowball fights which was great fun. P was very into Santa this year. She said she had a question to ask him which was whether our elf on the shelf was a boy or a girl.

    On Christmas Eve we all went to the children's mass . R was as usual the worst behaved child in the church...unable to sit down  ::)

    Christmas Day the kids got up about 9am. R was really excited about Santa coming and about how much he had eaten of the cookies etc they had left out for him the night before. P woke up a bit moody but thankfully came around quickly once she had opened her Santa presents.

    R got what he called  ‘jail castles with superheroes and bad guys’ off Santa i.e. two different Imaginext Batman sets and the Operation board game. He also got a farting rockstar and a stretchy gorilla as a surprise.
    P got a Silvanian family ballet theatre with extra ballerinas, a light up songbird in a cage and a Barbie car with 2 Barbie dolls and two little sisters. She also got the Jenga game and a box of card games as a surprise.
    Santa was very practical for J and brought him a really nice high-chair and a low seat for sitting in with activities around it.

    We all played with the new toys then I made the traditional turkey and ham Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. J cooperated great by having a very long afternoon nap while the rest of us were eating dinner.

    The jenga game was a big hit and we all played it together in the evening. R surprised us all by being very good at it. He can usually be quiet clumsy but he was very careful when taking out the blocks  :)

    St Stephen's day we went to visit DHs family and the following day we went to visit mine. My mum then came to stay with us for a few days and she babysat for us one night whilst DH and I had drinks in our neighbours house. 

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    Sunday 6th January 2019

    P is 5 years 10 months old tomorrow
    R is 4 years 9 months 1 week old
    J is 5 months 3 weeks old

    R finally reached a major milestone a few days ago  ^milestone^
    He has started cycling a bicycle (with stabilisers) properly.  ^pompom^ We hadn’t tried with him for a while but during the summer and previous to that we had tried numerous times to teach him how to cycle but he just wasn’t one bit interested in learning how to do it. He was a lot more interested in digging in the mud etc and he was happy going around outside on his flicker. Anyhow, a few days ago DH brought P and R out the front and R got up on Ps bicycle and just started peddling properly  :) I’m absolutely delighted for him because I know he will love the freedom going around outside the front in our cul de sac on a bike like the other kids in the neighborhood. So yesterday I brought him to the local toy store and let him pick out a brand new bicycle. He needed a 16” one as he had outgrown the 2nd hand 14” one we had for him. R picked out a yellow and blue Champ bike and the shop assistant let him get up on it in the shop to try it out. R took off on the bike and wouldn’t stop..he cycled all over the shop as fast as he could with me running after him calling to him to be careful not to to knock down shelves or other customers  ;D  Thanfully its a very large store with wide aisles  ::) I eventually caught up with him and persuaded him to get off and wait until we got home to try it out again  :)
    I remember P started cycling a bicycle properly when she was only 2 years 2 months old. R is stubborn and will only do things when he wants to himself  :)

    J is doing great. He is growing and developing really well. He is now in size 4 nappies and is the full of 6-9 moths old clothes. He loves his spoonfeeds and has reduced his bottles of formula down to 3 or maybe 4 x 9oz bottles a day. He eats baby porridge with puréed pear for breakfast and he eats puréed carrot, broccoli and cauliflower with a savory Heinz powder for lunch. He also loves mashed up banana. When he reaches 6 months old I will be able to feed him a bigger variety of food because he will then be allowed foods containing gluten and yoghurts etc. He is now able to pick up things if they are within his reach. He is teething like mad but still no teeth. He absolutely loves P and R and spends all his time looking at them, mesmerised by their antics. They love him too. P is brilliant with him...she’s like a mini mammy looking after him and putting in his soother when he cries etc  R pulls out his soother every chance he gets just to annoy J but he is good to him too - he sings and dances for him and shares his toys with him  :)

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    Friday 11th Jan 2019

    J will be 6 months old in 5 days time

    I braved going back to WW on Wednesday 9th January after 6 weeks of not going. The last time I was there was 28th Nov and surprisingly I am only up 1lb in the 6 weeks despite eating what I wanted over Christmas  ::) I'm very happy with that even though I don't know how on earth it is only a 1lb gain  ??? 

    Up to the end of November I was doing great getting out for walks with the buggy most days and watching what I was eating then I somehow got into a rut for the month of December and stopped going for my walks and let my healthy eating slide. I think it was hormones or something making me feel a bit down in the dumps but thankfully I feel much more positive now. I know I feel much better mentally if I make the effort to get out and about and get exercise so my New Years resolution is to get out of the house every day  ::)

    Anyhow I'm now 13lbs over my WW goal and full of renewed enthusiasm to try to get to goal asap :) I am 7.5lbs over what I was before I became pregnant with J so my first big personal goal is to get rid of that 7.5lbs  :)

    I started a couch to 5km program at our local athletics club on Tuesday 8th Jan and I will be going to that every Tues and Thurs evening. The aim is to be able to jog continuously for 5km in a 5km fun run on St Patrick's weekend.

    I brought J to the doctor this morning because he has a bad head cold/chesty cough and the doctor said he has viral bronchiolitis. He didn’t get antibiotics..we just have to give him nasal drops and Calpol as needed. Poor little mite is very cranky with it.

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    Wednesday 16th January 2019

    J is 6 months old today

    Wow J is 6 months old already! He marked the occasion by practicing his new found skill of blowing raspberries all day :) He is just adorable. I love him  :-*

    I got on great at WW this morning. I was down 2.5 lbs  ^pompom^ I now only have 10.5 lbs to loose to get to my goal weight.  So all my healthy eating and exercise for the week paid off  :) I did my couch to 5km program three times last week, did long walks with the buggy the other days, tracked everything I ate and stuck to my WW points allowance.....Now I just have to repeat the same for the coming week  ::)

    I’m due back to work next Monday 21st January ...my 26 weeks paid maternity leave finishes this week  :( There is no way I am ready to go back to work yet....I feel like I am only just starting to really enjoy my time off after everything that happened with the complications during the pregnancy and my heart problems after Js birth and then with J being so ill in hospital for 5 weeks when he was tiny  :(

    Anyways,  I have decided to take an extra 4 weeks off to bring me to w/c 18th February and when I go back then I am only going to work 2 days a week until at least September. I will take a mixture of unpaid parental leave and paid annual leave for the other 3 days a week. I sent my application for parental leave to my manager two weeks ago and she approved it. I have an appointment to see my gp tomorrow to see if I can get some or all of the next 4 weeks as paid sick leave.

    Before I went on early maternity leave last year I had participated in a couple of competitions in work for promotion to a senior management role but now I’ve done a complete u-turn in my ambition and I’ve decided I am not going to apply for promotion again and I am going to cut my hours down as much as possible. There is nothing like the experience of being a patient in a coronary intensive care unit and having your newborn incarcerated a children’s hospital to make you realise where your priorities lie  :)

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    Thurs 24th January 2019

    P is 5 Years 10.5 Months Old

    I'm typing this diary entry in the waiting area of the paediatrics department of our local hospital. I'm here with P. Poor little thing hasn't been feeling well the last few days and was saying her tummy was sore. I was putting it down to something viral and hoping it would just run its course. Yesterday afternoon she seemed worse and last night she had a very high temperature of 39.7c. Her temperature came down when I gave her Calpol but spiked again this morning to 39.2c . I got an appointment for her at the gp at 11am this morning. The gp said she does have a viral chest infection and her ears and throat were clear. She said she was going to refer P to the hospital because when she listened to her heart with a stethoscope she could hear an irregular heartbeat  :o

    Here at the hospital P was given an ecg on a portable machine then sent to the cardiology department for another one. The doctor said it showed irregularities and they wanted to do some blood tests. Poor little P had to have a cannula put into the back of her little hand. It was awful because it really hurt her despite them numbing her hand with cream and spray. All I could do was try to comfort her  :(
    Her temperature spiked again to 39c and she was given Calpol.

    After 6 hours of waiting from when we got to the hospital P was admitted as an inpatient for overnight observation and put in an isolation room because she has slight diarrhea. DH arrived after work and we decided he would stay overnight with her and I would go home to look after R and J. Luckily I had arranged for T to mind them while I brought P to the gp so she minded them all day while I was at the hospital. I am going back to the hospital in the morning after I drop R to preschool at 9am and T will mind J.

    The doctors have said that Ps irregular heartbeat is most likely caused by the viral infection/fever but they need to monitor it. Please God it will go back to normal very quickly  ^pray^ Thankfully her blood tests didn’t show up anything. One of the doctors let me listen to Ps heartbeat myself with a stethoscope and I could clearly hear a pause in it. It went bump bump pause, bump bump pause...  :o

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    Friday 25th January 2019

    I could cry ...if I wasn't holding it together for Ps sake  :(

    The consultant came around earlier and she said that Ps irregular heartbeat is not being caused by her viral infection. She said it is something that would have been there before and it is just coincidence that it came to light now  :-\  :( She said a viral infection could cause the heart rate to speed up but it wouldn't cause the heart to skip beats or pause like Ps is  ???

    She said they have sent the ecg results to the cardiologists in the children's hospital in Dublin (same one J was in) and they will review it and come back to them with a plan. She said they probably won't have any news for us until about 5pm because the Dublin cardiologists don't review the cases until the afternoon.

    In other news J has his first tooth since Tues  ^milestone^
    He is doing great and developing well.

    R had tonsillitis last week and he has a bad cough now but besides that he is doing great too.

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    Tues 29th January 2019

    P is 5 years 10.5 months old
    R is 4 years 10 months old
    J is 6.5 months old

    P was discharged from hospital on Saturday after 2 nights there. After waiting anxiously all day Friday for news from the Dublin hospital cardiologists the consultant didn’t come around to see P again until Saturday morning.
    It was a different consultant than the one I had spoken on Friday.  He said that the Dublin cardiologists said she could be discharged from our local hospital but they need to see her in the Dublin hospital cardiology unit as an outpatient. We will get an appointment in the post.

    DH stayed in the hospital with P on Friday night so I wasn’t there when she was discharged to ask questions so I don’t know how long we will have to wait for an appointment. A quick google tells me that they triage requests for appointments and if we get a letter with a date for an appointment then Ps case is considered urgent and if we get a letter just acknowledging the request for an appointment then her case hasn’t been considered urgent  ??? Google also tells me there are huge waiting lists even for children’s cardiology appointments  :o So we will just have to wait and see when we get our appointment for. If it is going to be a long way off we will use some of our savings to get her seen privately.

    P seemed fine when she got home albeit a bit tired so I allowed her to go to a birthday party she had been invited to because it was one of her two best friends from school and she had been really looking forward to it.

    She went back to school yesterday and seems totally back to normal. Fingers crossed this is all nothing to worry too much about but of course I am worried  ??? The consultant said if it was anything serious then the Dublin hospital would have had her admitted there immediately.

    I had to keep R off school and bring him to the gp again yesterday because he is still not fully recovered since his tonsillitis bout. He has a terrible cough for over a week and has been getting sick in bed every night from coughing so much. Anyhow, the gp put him on another antibiotic and told me to up his use of the blue inhaler for his asthma. He is on the brown inhaler all year round.

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    Monday 4th February 2019

    P will be 5 years 11 months old in 3 days time
    R is 4 years 10 months old
    J is 6.5 months old

    We got a letter from the Dublin hospital on Friday giving P an appointment with a cardiologist on 26th April which would be 12 weeks time. I’d rather not wait that long to have her seen so I phoned the private clinic this morning and asked to have her seen there instead. It will cost €200 for her to see the consultant privately but I can claim it back on the Hospital Saturday Fund I am paying into so it’s a no brainer. We will get an appointment in the post for her for some time in February once the private clinic receives our referral letter which I have organised to be sent there. She is doing great so my gut thinks there is nothing to worry about but I still want her seen ASAP for peace of mind.

    P brought home her first ever school report today. She did brilliantly on it. All the pupils in her class were assessed on what they have learned so far regarding reading and writing. P got 14 out of 14 for letter names, 14 out of 14 for letter sounds and 25 out of 25 for sight words! So she got top marks in everything  :) I am not one bit surprised because I know from doing her homework with her etc that she is very very clever. The teacher wrote on it that her letter formations are great but she needs a little bit more practice writing ‘n’ and ‘m’ to perfect them. Under ‘Social Skillls’ she has written - P mixes well with other children, she is considerate and tolerant of others. She works well independently and thrives on praise. She also wrote on the end that P is doing super!  :)
    I am extremely proud of her  :) :) :) :)

    We got word today that R has been accepted into the same primary school that P is in. He will be starting at the end of August  :) Both myself and DH are delighted because it is a really good school and it can be difficult to get a place in it  :)
    J reached another milestone today...He started saying “Dada” for the first time  :)  ^milestone^
    I know he is not (yet) deliberately calling DH when he says it but it is adorable to hear all the same and it is his first step towards learning to talk  :)
    He was very cranky today with his teeth. He has one tooth fully up and another just about to break through the gums. He also has a head cold and is coughing a lot at night so I’d say he feels miserable  :(

    Thankfully Rs cough is cleared up now - the antibiotics and inhalers did the trick and P is fine so it’s only J sick at the moment. When you have 3 kids the odds are that at least one of them will be sick at this time of the year  ???