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Hi ladies,

I have just turned 44 and have just completed my second ICSI cycle this year.  Unfortunately I got another BFN even though my blasts were both 5AAs this time round. I saw my consultant at The Lister for my "what now?" review and we have agreed DE is the way forward (although I respond well to the IVF drugs and I have a good egg reserve my eggs are 44 years old and frankly if two 5AAs can't stick nothing will).

I have spent most of today searching through the FF forums and the mound of paperwork given to me by The Lister trying to decide whether to move to DE.  So far the conclusions I have reached are:
- Egg sharing is not for me as I can't get over the feeling I am taking advantage of a desperate woman, I am slightly freaked out by the thought that any child I have that results from the arrangement could have an "almost twin" sibling whose birthday is almost the same as theirs so I am separating twins, and the cost per embryo is high.
- I would prefer to use a "traceable" donor that any children I have could contact at 18 if they want to.  However, I am less against anonymous donors than I am egg sharing, especially as it appears to be a cheaper / faster option.
- Maybe I should just count myself lucky I have one lovely child and focus my time / money on him.

Assuming I do decide to try DE at least once, I think this means my options are to use Altrui / New Life egg donation agencies if I want a "traceable" donor, or go abroad. 

My big question is:  Is there any benefit to staying with the clinic I have had all of my ICSI cycles with? I like the Lister (although I don't rate them as highly as I used to), but if I need to do all my tests and the donors tests anyway should I move to a cheaper clinic (as long as their results are good).  Also they don't work with New Life and only work with Embryolad in Greece and Instituto Bernabeu in Spain if I decide to go overseas.  I want to stay with what I know, and dread having to research clinics in the UK and Europe from scratch (ie I am being lazy) but I can't afford to waste money if there are cheaper options that are as good / safe.  What did anybody else do?

Thanks x


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    Hi SCP - I'm bumping this for you, sorry you've had no replies so far. 

    I haven't really investigated DE myself, so I'm sorry that I can't help with that.  However, I just wondered whether perhaps you were being, maybe, a little hasty in giving up on your OE already?  Is it worth trying even one more OE before moving to DE?  Because your egg reserve is incredible - 17 eggs from your second cycle?!!!  I am so jealous!

    Before you try again (whether with OE or DE) has anyone discussed with you whether there might be a reason for the BFN/implantation failure other than 'old eggs'?

     - Have you considered the Coventry tests for uterine NK cells - endometrial biopsy and consultation with either Prof Brosens or Quenby is about 360, as it's subsidised by university hospital research programme:

    - Have you considered the tests for hidden infections at Serum, Athens, about 300 EURO?  You can send off a certain type of blood sample (I know, a bit grim) by post, you don't have to visit the clinic:

    - Have you considered changing your sperm donor - would you know if anything had changed with your donor's health since you had your son?

    - Have you considered a milder type of protocol where they don't aim for quite so many eggs, but perhaps quality might be better? 

    - Alternatively, as you're capable of creating so many blasts - have you considered doing PGS on the blasts: http://ivf.org.uk/treatments/preimplantation-genetic-screening-cgh ?  Obviously you can have perfect looking 5AA blasts that won't create a healthy pregnancy, but the next couple of blasts might.  I guess it's pretty impossible for the embryologists to select them without PGS.

    Wishing you the best of luck.  Hope you get some more replies/better answers.  And a sibling for your son soon!

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