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IVI Barcelona or Eugin? Any advice?
« on: 16/10/16, 15:28 »

This is my first post : )

I've just had initial consultations with IVI Barcelona and Eugin Clinic Barcelona. Both were very professional, warm and reassuring - doctors, assistants & environments. However, I'd be interested in anyone with experience at either - to help with the decision. I'd previously had a consultation with the Lister in London, and came away wth a very bad vibe / gut feeling. At both Barcelona clinics the atmosphere and energy was good (hope that doesn't sound too kooky) and I'm torn on which to go with.

At IVI Barcelona my doctor would be Dr Cristina Pozzobon.
At Eugin, it would be Dr Sol Weil.

I'd be grateful for any experiences / advice. Many thanks.

Ps: Age 44, trying OE, donor sperm, with IVF and ICSI, and going for all PGS etc


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