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Welcome to your new home :)

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Happy Chatting :)


K jade:
Yay new thread!

Lynz glad transfer is over. Sorry u were dissapointed about no frosties. But as the others r saying most people don't get them. All being well u won't need another go
It annoys me this uk thing of only transfering  1. And the 'risk' of multiples they bang on about is a joke.
Sorry for the rant lol
Hoping the 2ww is kind to u
Just keep saying to yourself I AM PREGNANT

Hi All, complete newbie here!!

Quick history : ttc for over 2 years with no luck. I'm 26 and DH is 32. DH sperm count is all fine which is good news. I've got quite a complicated medical history, severe ulcerative colitis whilst I was a teenager, eventually when I was 19 I had my colon removed and had to have a colostomy bag (urghhhh), then they created almost like a second stomach, and finally reversed my colostomy (yay!). 3 major abdominal surgeries later I feel much better. Recently been diagnosed with PSC, which is where the bile ducts in my liver are closing up, there is no cure but currently I don't feel unwell, our liver consultant is pushing us to have children asap if we want to, as if I deteriorate when pregnant then it is dangerous for both me and a baby.

All fertility tests have come back clear, so on Monday the paperwork was filled out to be referred to IVF on NHS. I am so happy about this, but not sure how long the process will be for getting our first appointment at the Heath.

Just wanted to say Hi! Hopefully will be starting the IVF or iui journey soon!

K jade:
welcome Misbura
sorry  you have had health problems

I know that waiting lists have come down dramatically from when I was first referred to the clinic
back then it was 9 months to be seen for first consultation then 18 months to start treatment!

things are much much better now, but the others may be able to advise you on the exact timescales.

good luck !

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. I haven't posted in a while because I have been coming to terms with things but I could find myself back at WFI soon. I had a pre-op appointment on Monday at Ystrad hospital and i am booked in for surgery on Tuesday 1st November to remove my last fallopian tube and any endo that could have returned. I am feeling pretty stressed and upset by it as it means that the very last little dream that i had of a miracle happening will well and truly now never happen. A week after this on the 8th I have an appointment at WFI with my husband and twin sister. We will get all her blood results, see the counsellor and then the consultant to see whether she can go ahead as a donor for us. Its all incredibly stressful, with so many things flying through my head and I don't know whether i am coming or going. To cap it all off my cousin gave birth to her IVF son on Sunday, we were cycling at the same time in February and I have found it incredibly hard to think about. She is single and had donor sperm and i just can't help but feel so jealous and resentful that it could have been me in her position, my husband and i would have loved that baby so much.

Sorry for the depressing post, i am trying to stay positive because i still have options but i just never imagined having a baby would take so long or ever in a million years involve my sister  :-\


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