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Dear All
Hello from first time poster.  I'm a 44-year old recently single woman and I underwent my first IVF cycle (long protocol at GCRM) with OE and DS a few months ago - leading to M/C at 6 weeks unfortunately.  I am evaluating my next move and am weighing up further IVF or proceeding straight to adoption before my 45th birthday rules me out of adopting a child of 0-2 years.
Since I had fairly severe pelvic pain and some liver function derangement after my last ET (I suspected OHSS, clinic said no), and considering my age, I am researching mild IVF with PGS and serial embryo freezing.
My question is - can any of you recommend clinics that are known to use this approach successfully in the UK or Europe? Ideally I would prefer a clinic with open donors but I realize I'm not going to get everything I want here.  On a positive note - my biomarkers were pretty good for my age (AFC 11, AMH 12, FSH 6, 3 good quality embryos transferred at day 2).  On a less positive note I have moderate endo and am overweight, but otherwise healthy.
Apologies in advance if this has been discussed extensively before - I have lurked hard all over FF and couldn't find much, but happy to be corrected!  ;)
Best wishes to you all.
LG. x


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