* Author Topic: Over 50's Ladies - Part 4  (Read 34086 times)

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Over 50's Ladies - Part 4
« Reply #280 on: 28/06/20, 12:26 »
thereismore - thought I may as well download the price list now and print it off/save it so I can look at it later or tomorrow and maybe email them for a catch up! xxx


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    Over 50's Ladies - Part 4
    « Reply #281 on: 28/06/20, 13:56 »
    @olgakorbut I believe doing the tests are pretty straightforward and they can all be done on the same day. They do suggest you do the tests before you start treatment to have all the results before you decide on a course of action.
    How long you stay is going to be more dependent on availability of flights I think.
    Our post mortem results are FINALLY  in so just waiting on an appointment with Prof Q. Hoping she will also be prepared to oversee my next treatment.
    Genimed in Spain have also contacted me saying that they now treat up to age 55 subject to a few extra tests and a letter from your gynecologist stating that they will monitor you during the process.
    Hope that helps

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