* Author Topic: Only 2 follies before EC - any success stories out there  (Read 552 times)

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Hi all

So I've been on stims (gonal f & then cetrotide) since 13/1 on a short protocol at the Lister - first cycle of IVF
Unfortunately it seems as though only 2 follies have got to a decent size and so they've decided to do EC on Tues and I'm triggering tomorrow night
Wasn't quite expecting it at my scan this morning so a bit overwhelmed and disappointed not to get more & stim for a bit longer (so hoping another couple catch up over the next 2 days!!!)
Has anyone had any success with only a few follies?


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    I only had 4 follies and was successful ... sending you lots of luck x

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    Thank you.

    They got 2 eggs which both fertilised (hooray) so have got ET tomorrow..have got everything crossed

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    Just wanted to wish you luck! Remember it only takes one! Xx

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