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14 weeks :)

Second day of a 5am peanut butter, raspberry jam and spinach sandwich  ::) not sure why I have become restless in the middle of the night again but I think itís because I am uncomfortable, so I have ordered a mahoosive pregnancy pillow to arrive tomorrow. Cheers A Prime!

Currently watching OBEM, making me pretty weepy.

The exciting news from this week is that all my screening came back low risk!!!! Trisomy 21 is 1:17,177 and Trisomy 13/18 is 1:20,000. The Papp-A risk came back low risk too (which means the Papp-A isnít low, just to confuse things). I came home from work to find the letter already opened by DH. I was a bit miffed as Iíd wanted to check together, but he said he was so anxious that he couldnít bear it. Poor darling.

Second exciting thing is that that I have bought, as in paid the shipping, for my free baby box plus goodies for Panda. A little extra bed for the first 6 months :) well that is unless those legs keep growing so long!

Weíve been listening to Panda every day for a minute or two to reassure us both. The activity levels are bonkers as Panda darts around my uterus like a crazy thing most days. I think Panda may be getting ready for the swimming Olympics. Enjoy the space whilst you can little one.

I know itís early, but I have felt a few odd sensations in that area. Iíve had two distinct little Ďflippingí sensations and then last night I felt 3 distinct little taps over a 10 minute time frame. Iím really really hoping that this is actually the start of movement  ^pray^.

Symptoms wise, I have had a few days without actually being sick but Iím still pretty nauseous. Was sick at half four this morning, hence the dragging my sleepy bum downstairs for an early breakfast, so that it doesnít get worse. The round ligament pain is quite sore if Iím not careful, so I am trying to be more conscious of my movements. Iíve also been having quite a bit of a pressure sensation in my floof, kind of like having a (tmi) very full tampon in an awkward position. Itís not constant and is worse if I have been stood up lots or gone on a longish dog walk. From googling, it sounds like it may be from all the extra blood flow down there (or a prolapse  :o) but I will definitely ask my consultant about it next week.

This weekís cravings are pickled onions and monster munch  ;D

So next steps are consultant on Tuesday, midwife the week after and then the wait for the anatomy scan.

Keep growing little darling Panda, only a few more sleeps till we see you again! Lots of love sweetie 💜 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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    14+4 :)

    We had our consultant appointment yesterday, fantastic to see our little Panda again :) apparently Panda is too big to measure the full length now so we are on to the percentile charts. The femur was measuring on the 79th - those legs! She said everything looked fine.

    Panda had hiccups when the scan first started, so cute. There was some more wiggling as the scan went on and the measurements were done. Our consultant asked if we knew what we were having and asked if she knew. She said yes so I said donít tell us! She is so funny and later on cheekily commented that she knows what weíre having. DH was trying to bribe her  ;D.

    Fast forward to getting home and DH is frantically going through the video he took until he found Ďthe money shotí, which is blatantly a prominent winky! We could of course be wrong, but it looks rather unmistakable to our untrained eyes. Time will tell!

    Next steps are midwife next week, consultant at 16 weeks, foetal echo at 18 weeks to check for DHís hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, then the anomaly scan around 20 weeks.

    My bump is pretty prominent now. I tried on 7 pairs of shorts/skirts earlier to go out in the sunshine and I couldnít fit into any of them! Iím going to have to get a few bits for sure. Iíve noticed ladies in the next office at my work looking at my bump, thatís certainly a new experience.

    Sickness still keeps popping up. Yesterday was bad and I was actually sick at work on Monday too. Itís a lot better than a few weeks ago though. Still knackered. Someone has replaced my boobs with melons! I have got my massive pregnancy pillow now and thatís improving my sleep. Steroid withdrawal is not fun but it has to be done, Iím down to 10mg now.

    Oh a nice embarrassing situation I put myself in yesterday: I went to pee at work and I had red blood on my pad and when I wiped. Presumed it was the haematoma about to go yet again, so called my consultantís secretary and left a message to query whether I needed to come in for Anti-d. Last night i realised that the spotting was, in fact, where I had cut myself shaving 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 what a plonker! It was right next to my lady bits so of course it was also there when I wiped, oops! Youíve gotta laugh at some things on this journey!

    Keep growing darling Panda, we love you so, so SO much! 💜 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    15+4 :)

    Had my midwife appointment today, she said I was blooming! Letís hope it lasts a while :)

    Got to hear the heartbeat, lovely and clear and we could hear Panda wriggling away in there. Nice and healthy sounding was the verdict. All my bloods and strep b came back as normal. Apparently I have a Ďmanís iron levelsí which stands me in good stead for the rest of the pregnancy. Because they were so high, she says if I do start to get symptoms I need to insinst on iron support, as if they drop to what would be considered a normal level, that will actually be very low for me. Blood pressure and pee was fine too.

    Iím still getting sick more days than not, but normally only once or twice. I definitely have more energy but some days I am still very tired and I still need early nights generally. I did lots at the weekend and felt horrendous on Monday! Must remember to pace myself  ::)

    Most exciting is that I am now feeling movement every day!!! Eeeeee!!!! Most activity in the afternoon and always more after Iíve eaten. I wouldnít describe it as flutters, more like a maggot wriggling away  ;D DH is desperate to feel them too, Iím sure it wonít be long.

    The sensation of pressure in my floof has settled for now. My bump has visibly moved up in the past couple of weeks and I think that has taken some of the weight off it...for now.

    New to me is horrendous heartburn. DH took my list of drugs to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said Ďwell Iím not surprised with the amount of drugs sheís taking!í. Pretty sure itís just pregnancy though. I now have gaviscon and rennies in my bag. Iíve also been getting a lot of pain in my hips so that midwife has done a physio referral for me.

    Right, I think that a brunch of ham, mustard and gherkin panini is calling my name...

    Loves you little Panda!! Keep on wriggling 💜 xxxxxxxxxx

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    16+4 :)

    Yesterday we had our consultant appointment to get an extra peak at Panda. They werenít playing ball and were face planted down at the bottom of my uterus, hands up in the air behind their head  ??? Legs were still waggling though! Measurements were all fine, the femurs are on the 90th centile now! I currently appear to be growing a giraffe. Weight was 170g which puts me at 2 days ahead still.

    Had my cervix measured and it was about 3.5cm so all good there :)

    I have all my antenatal hospital appointments booked in now! I see the consultant every four weeks from 24 weeks, plus have official growth scans at 28 and 36 weeks. The foetal echo has been cancelled as they decided that the heart would be too small to see hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at this stage, so no sneaky peeks now until the anomaly scan on the 25th.

    Consultant asked if we wanted to know again, DH of course has gone back through the video and found the highly likely be a winky shot  ::) that man!

    Iím getting plenty of movement now and definitely seems to be some bigger kicks coming too. Poor Panda got a massive fright when I triggered the jet engine hand dryer  in the McDonaldís loos yesterday, I felt a whopping great movement for a tiny little thing! Felt so bad!

    Iím still oh so tired. Met my sisters in Bristol on Saturday to go maternity clothes shopping and I was completely exhausted. Iím only just starting to feel like I have Ďrecoveredí. Oh and super classy moment of losing my breakfast in a doggy bag, in the car, whilst DH drove us to the hospital yesterday morning  ;D

    Bump is ridiculous for 16 weeks!

    Keep growing my little one and keep those kicks coming! Loves you Panda pop 💜 xxxxxxx

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    16+5 :)

    Had a kerfuffle of a morning. Did my fragmin as normal last night. Bleed loads through my jeans, overnight and was still bleeding this morning. Tried putting pressure on it for a whole 20 minutes, still wouldnít stop. Called the doctors, they asked me to come in to be checked...in 15 minutes. Queue manic dash to have a shower, got dressed, realised I hadnít actually put any pants on under my trousers  ^scared^ Serious attack of baby brain there! Not as if I was going to have my thigh checked over, at least I realised before I left!

    The gp said that I have loads of big surface blood vessels and veins, which are now bigger in pregnancy, and I had injected straight into one which is why it wasnít clotting. So just need to look very closely before I inject anywhere and to go back if I start having proper bleeds from anywhere else.

    Much more exciting is that DH felt Panda move for the first time tonight!!!!!!!!!!!í Eeeeeeek!!!!!!! So amazing.

    Iíve just now felt two really weird movements as if Iíve driven over a speed bump too fast. Most odd. I reckon Pandaís doing some trampoline in there.

    Night night little one, time to settle for the night, just like you will on the outside.... ;D love you Panda pop 💜 xxxxxxxx

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    19+5 :)

    12 hours until the anomaly scan....

    Feeling extremely anxious but at the same time I know that I canít do anything either way. Just got to keep the faith that this little Panda long legs is doing well in there. Panda is certainly active enough! I get lots of movement every day and the kicks have been getting stronger. Iíve had a few that have made my hand bounce up when I was resting it there! I normally feel the most movement in the afternoons and evenings, but have noticed that sometimes when I get up in the night to pee, Panda is thumping away in there.

    We went off to the Baby Show at the NEC last weekend. We had planned to look and plan but there were so many good, genuine offers that we ended up buying a pram, car seat, sling, breast pump, bottles....! Feels pretty surreal to know that they are all sat upstairs waiting (except the pram and car seat). I felt really reluctant to buy anything there but DH said well why are we here if we donít believe that itís going to happen? So we went for it. Ouch for the credit card. It was a knackering day but really worthwhile in being able to compare everything there.

    We stayed at a hotel the night before and it had a swimming pool. I havenít been swimming for I think a couple of years, so it was lovely to have the weight off my joints in the pool. It felt very odd though as I could no longer felt Panda from the inside but could clearly feel a hard body from the outside! Weird!

    I got remeasured for bras at Mothercare and I have gone from my normal 30F to a maternity 34E  :o no wonder my boobs are so sore and have developed stretch marks. My new bras are in comparison! Sooo much more comfy though and no more underwires, result!

    I had my first physio session last week and basically I have a combination of previous injuries, weakened core muscles, hyper mobility, the weight from my growing bump and Panda plus relaxing joints. I have been given Pilates style exercises and she recommended that I join aquanatal classes, which was my plan anyway. My back has been extremely painful at work from sitting down all day so I have been bought a snazzy adjustable desk so that I can stand or sit throughout the day. My back is so much better after four days of the new return. I have had lots of round ligament pain though and my ligaments really do about at me if I move carelessly!

    I also had my first braxton hicks today! Really took me by surprise but only lasted a few seconds and then it was gone. Apparently they start often from around 20 weeks so right on time really.

    Other than the lovely heartburn that tends to sit acid at the top of my throat a lot if I am hungry/eating/bending forward/no reason whatsoever, I have been feeling quite dizzy. Iíve been more careful with eating less white bread/pasta this week and that has improved it massively. Could just be coincidence though. I asked an on call midwife and they said to eat something sweet in case my blood pressure was low...

    Other than that we are ticking along nicely. Just got to get through tomorrow now.

    Please be a happy little chappy in there Panda, we love you so much 💜 xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    19+6 :)

    All was good at the anomaly scan!!!! Massively relieved and super excited now.

    The detail was incredible to see, despite Panda having a nice wriggle in there and being a tad uncooperative  ;D we got to see the cutest little feet and fingers, heart, brain, nose, lips, stomach, kidneys, spine...even the skin covering the spine. So gorgeous 😍 I had to do a bit of bouncing myself to get Panda to turn back round so the heart could finish being checked and also because he wouldnít put the arms back down from behind his head!

    The femurs were on the 77th centile, so a little bit more sensible than 90, but clearly used for giving me a good kicking in there.

    I had my cervix checked again and it was about 5.5cm so nice and long and closed. One more thing to take away my anxiety.

    Poor DH told me when we got out that he had been extremely anxious for the last couple of days and awake worrying about the scan at 4am, my poor darling. We were both grinning when we came out.

    We got an appointment through yesterday for a fetal echo (which we were told we werenít having) afterall at the Fetal Medicine centre. I wonder if the midwife put the referral through for it? Either way that means we get to see Panda again in a week! Nothing showed up today but itís not a bad thing to double check it.

    Iíve felt so many kicks and wriggles today, definitely an active little baba. Love it.

    So utterly in love, well done darling Panda 😍💜 xxxxx

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    20+1 :)

    We finally announced our news to friends and family on Friday night, the response has been pretty overwhelming! I canít remember if I wrote in my diary that last year during miscarriage awareness week, I wrote a really long post on social media about our journey, kind of a Ďcoming outí moment. We had a huge amount of support after that. It seemed to have touched a lot of nerves... So lovely to have so many people now calling us to say they were thrilled ☺️

    Still anxious but very hopeful, little Panda is having a good old wriggle away in there as I type 😍 such an incredible feeling. DH keeps telling me that he loves looking at my bump so much, I thought that Iíd never get to this point.

    Keep doing what youíre doing darling Panda, we love you so much 💜 xxxxxxxxxx

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    20+5 :)

    Felt very little movement all day today, after the last few few weeks of having a very wriggly baby in my tummy. Called the midwife when I got home from work, expecting to be told itís normal as Iím under 24 weeks and was asked to go in an hour later  :o had my pee checked (fine), blood pressure (slightly raised - I was pretty anxious), then she listened with a doppler. Nice strong regular heartbeat plus movement sounds. Panda seems to have just been facing inwards today. Walked out of the appointment, five massive kicks within 10 minutes - little urchin! Felt lots of wriggles and kicks all tonight too  ::)

    Iím glad I called though rather than sitting at home worrying. The midwife was really good and said to always contact them with any concerns.

    All of the clinic rooms were full so we were in a birthing room with pool, now that was a strange experience to be in there!

    I forgot to write that on Sunday we went snorkelling in Dorset with my family. An absolutely gorgeous day with beautiful sunshine. I presume because I was flat forward in the water for ages (thanks to my sisterís thermals as I could only get one leg into a wetsuit), when I got out I could feel little bony parts of Panda through my skin! Pretty amazing. Although Panda clearly wasnít impressed as I got a big kick back and Panda turned away. My family were so excited to feel my bump and the kicks 😍.

    Panda I would like lots of wriggling tomorrow please, although you will need to hold still for your echo. Loves you! xxxxx

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    21+1 :)

    Panda had their first heart proper heart echo on Friday and all was well! Yay!!!! So awesome to see the heart in such detail, with all the blood flow going around.

    Apparently, the referral had come from the midwife on account of me having had ivf  ^idiot^ and a maternal history of heart disease, which I donít. So they were pleased when I said that I thought I was there because of DHís HCM, as that is a definite reason to be checked. The lovely paediatric cardiologist said that you canít detect cardiomyopathies at this stage, but it can be linked to other physical defects, which is why it should be checked. So a referral will be done for Panda to be checked up on in the first few months after birth and then approx every two years ever after.

    During the scan Panda did a massive kick which we saw on screen and I felt at the same time, a little window into my womb for that moment. Panda had one leg over their head when we arrived! Plus the arms behind the head as per usual. We were given some lovely scan pics, Panda looks to have such a cute nose 😍.

    Pandaís movements have been back to normal since yesterday, particularly after DH stalled the car with a big jolt in a standstill motorway queue on the way to the echo. I thought weíd been rear ended and poor Panda hit the front of my womb, which was pretty sore for me. Made Panda turn back round I think!

    Iíve been really tired after such a busy month, so yesterday was very lazy for me, although I did finish painting Pandaís chest of drawers in the sunshine. Today we are going to visit an allotment garden as part of an open day, just gentle pottering about.

    Time to get up as I am starving, somebody woke me up extra early by tap dancing on my bladder, managed to go back to sleep and then DH had managed to turn our sunrise alarm on by mistake  ^bigbad^.

    Love you our little darling Panda, keep growing and wriggling for a few more months in there 💜 xxxxxxx