* Author Topic: Simplant trial + ICSI 3...lucky transfer 4? BFP! MMC 11 weeks IMSI 4..Baby Boy!  (Read 24661 times)

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Couldnít wait any longer for an update so called the clinic. They hadnít been checked yet today so I had a Ďreal-time appraisalí  :o:

3 x 8 cell
1 x 6 cell
1 x 4-5 cell
2 a bit slow and fragmented.

Not bad for early in the morning when theyíre not quite 3 days old till this afternoon :)


Belly has gone back up a couple of cm to 78cm this morning. Just done my gonasi booster, please stay chilled out body!

Grow strong beautiful embies 💜 xxxxx


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    One more sleep to go... ^pray^

    Still feeling sore but apart from some fleeting moments of really bad pain, Iím mostly okay. The scan tomorrow will show if/how much free fluid is sloshing about. Feels like I have a little but Iím not feeling or being sick, which is the most important thing. And Iím also able to pee, the most telling symptom when things are going really bad!

    Iíve got it into my head that Iím not producing enough progesterone as I havenít got that much creamy discharge yet, but I donít think I can really up it much more than x2 cyclogest and x1 lubion a day. Why oh why have I not got an instant memory of bodily functions at exact points in every cycle  ;D. My nipples are still very sore so thatís one thing.

    Keep going little embies, weíre coming for you 💜 xxxxx

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    I am PUPO  :) :) :) :)

    One little Panda on board - yay!!!!

    Panda is a beautiful AA that didnít need assisted hatching as he was already on the way out of the shell. We also have an AA badger in the freezer, woop woop! There is possibly one more that may join Badger tomorrow, depending on quality. We had five blasts this morning but the other two looked like they had stopped growing, so will fiind out tomorrow.

    OTD is the 7th February.

    I tried to stay in the moment during the transfer so I was really excited but I looked over to DH and he was very emotional. The poor guy was teared up when we went back into our room as he said it had brought everything with Arty back to the surface :( it really is a tough journey.

    Weíve had our post transfer Chiquitosí for lunch, Iíve watched some YouTube comedy and weíre now battling the traffic (and impending storm) on our way home.

    Here we go again!

    One more thing: I saw THREE rainbows on the way over. Iím taking it as a sign.

    Tuck in little Panda 💜🌈 xxxxx

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    Awake since 5ish am 😩 Woke momentarily to have a drink, DH then asked if I was okay, which sent my brain into overdrive with nerves, boooooo.

    Had a very small amount of crampiness last night and this morning I am definitely quite crampy. Very much hoping that this bodes well for a little burrower  ^pray^.

    Forgot to add yesterday that I do have a bit of free fluid (as I expected), so need to keep an eye on protein + water. My belly was up 4cm yesterday to 79 and this morning to 80cm, so Iím all too aware of that balance tipping over.

    ALSO I walked into theater yesterday and had forgotten to take off my pants AGAIN. Youíd think I would have learnt the drill by now. Handed them to DH to look after whilst I was up in the stirrups  ;D thatís love!

    Just had the call from the clinic, the others were B/C grades so not suitable for freezing, so just badger in there. I wasnít expecting them to have improved but obviously there was still that bit of hope...

    Snuggle in tight little Panda 🐼💜 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Iíve slipped into such a negative mindset... I have had some cramping the last couple of days at times but I have this nagging feeling that my progesterone is low as I have hardly any creamy discharge. Boobs havenít increased in size, I do have a little bit of nipple soreness still.

    I did have really bad nausea yesterday morning for an hour or so, but I reckon that might be from the steroids. To early for it to be anything more.

    Belly is sat at 81cm today, not sure if that is ohss or my crisp addiction the last few days.

    Just not feeling it overall. Hate this path.

    Please be okay little Panda and give me some signs that you are burrowing away 💜 xxxxx

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    OHSS pain was bad last night, under my rib cage and pressing on my back. Woke me up quite a few times too so another night spent sleeping propped up. I was okay when I woke up and got dressed for work but the pain came back again, so I called in sick. It takes me almost an hour to get there in rush hour traffic and as DH says, I would regret it if it caused me more complications. Belly is still up at 81cm this morning.

    So a restful sofa day for me is the plan of today  :)

    Havenít felt any burrowing today, hope youíre okay Panda 💜 ^pray^ xxxxxx

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    OHSS pain back under control again, just a few niggles today, phew. Belly still up, very attractive.

    Boobs are a little bigger (DH is back on boob size check duty, much to his delight  ;D), not really sore apart from the nipples. Possibly a little bluer, although I never lost the blue veins completely after Arty.

    Some burrowing cramping this evening, especially when I was lying down quietly.

    Tests not getting lighter now, please please please get darker.... ^pray^

    Love you little Panda 💜 xxxx

    Ps I forgot to add something the other week. Whilst I was stimming, I had terrible dry skin on my face, as in, I had serious face dandruff floating off! Considering that it is January and I have been working inside all the time, I donít think it was the doxycycline increasing sensitivity, but I do remember it being listed as a bemfola side effect. I started using my Kokoso coconut oil on my face and it is all better now.

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    OHSS pain is flaring back up under my ribs again, my ovaries feel like theyíre turning back to oranges...

    A bit of nausea this morning (good excuse to be a piglet!).

    Quite a lot of burrowing throughout the day.

    Oh and I am now a bit backed up, totally unlike me and the last time this happened was at the start with Arty...

    Tests were a teency bit darker this morning and then I did a cheapie one step on my super dilute pee when I got home from work - darker again  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^

    Keep going little Panda!!!!!! 💜 xxxxxxxxxx

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    The testline on the clearblue early started showing before the control today and the cheapie one step is finally looking more than a super faint line - eeeeeeeeek!!!!

    Feeling very excited but it is such early days.

    Felt sicky all morning and some sharper burrowing feelings, hope they are just Panda getting snug.

    I got quite worried with my ohss pain last night but today just feels uncomfortable (and Iím a pee machine).

    Keep going darling Panda 💜 xxxxxx

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    9dp5dt 4 weeks pregnant :)

    Feeling so so so nauseous today! The last three days Iíve had quite a few wiffs on and off but today is pretty darn strong.

    My clearblue test this morning was finally a nice bright blue and the onestep is getting more readable. Iíve had a look through my photos and the onesteps only really started getting stronger from today onwards with Arty. I was having a bit of a panic yesterday as the clearblue hadnít really progressed and was perhaps a smidgen llighter than before, so I was more than relieved this morning :) :) :).

    Still so very early days and I know how fragile everything is....especially the next few days for me personally.

    Only thing I can do is hope.

    My belly is really swollen still. Up at 82cm again this morning, was 85 last night. The fluid pain was awful when I woke up today but i slept more than the night before - Thursday night I was awake a lot in agony from it.

    Boobs are perhaps a tiny bit sensitive, just the nipples that are actually sore. Oh and my face dandruff has come back - nice! I think thatís from the steroids.

    I had my occupational health assessment for my new job yesterday, which I was really nervous about considering the time Iíve had off work over the last few years. The doctor was actually so nice and kind. I had put down that I was having IVF in Jan on my form and he asked how it it had gone, so I said that I had positive tests but it was such early days. He was really sweet and kept congratulating me, then spent most of the assessment actually pondering the recurrent miscarriages with the link to my hypermobility. Bless him. He said that I have his full support, that my new job will be really good for me, take it easy - such a kind man!

    So, one day at a time, but I have to hope that this little Panda will actually make me an earth mummy.

    Keep going darling 💜 xxxxxx