* Author Topic: AOA clinics in the Uk? poor responders/zero fertilisation part 3  (Read 41792 times)

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Hi everyone, thought Iíd check in here after so long! My darling boy is 15 months now and an absolute joy. We are obsessed with him! Sending love to anyone trying - if youíre in the UK and having male factor issues I can not recommend Dr Ramsey enough. ghent are also great but Dr Ramsey and clomid (for my husband) were game changers for us and we conceived naturally xx


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    Lulu, so lovely to see you post here ☺️ Iím subscribed to this thread still so it was a lovely surprise this morning when an email popped into my inbox saying youíd posted.  Congratulations on your little boy! My own is now 17 months!  AJ and I are in touch via Instagram and itís lovely to see her little girl growing up ☺️

    Iíve heard nothing but fabulous things about Dr Ramsey.  Did your husband have DNA Fragmentation?

    If anyone else is reading, I hope youíre well 😁

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    Hi Lulu, lovely to hear from you! And congratulations on your little boy! My daughter is 16 months old on the 1st, and I canít believe it! Sheís running around and chatting away, sheís a lunatic. And everyday I canít believe my luck! And yep I chat to Jellise on Instagram and I love seeing her sweet little boy. Our Ghent Miracles!

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    Hi everyone - I'm thinking of going in for another FET to try for baby #2 and came here out of curiosity to see what's up.  My little girl will be 2 yo in January and I can't even believe it. It's been so long since I posted, but for those who don't remember, we were in Aberdeen and asked to use calcium ionophore in our second cycle after our complete fertilization failure the first time and came away with 6 embryos. My daughter was the 2nd one we tried... so 4 left and fingers crossed. We've of course been 'trying/not preventing' for the past year and no luck.  Glad to read you have little toddlers running around.

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    I love it when someone posts here, we had such a busy thread two years ago and we were all so lucky to get our miracles ❤️

    How fabulous that youíre trying for a sibling with a fet in January! Keeps us all posted, Iíve got everything crossed for you.

    My little boy is now 19 months old and such a character.  Iím desperate for a sibling for him, but weíd need to do a full round as our embryos stopped developing at day 4.  It still grates on that we havenít got a confirmed answer for our infertility.  We have been kind of trying naturally, but no joy here either.  Iíve been reading up on sperm dna fragmentation and wonder if that could be potentially be a contributing issue.

    Best wishes to everyone x